‘Police University’ Kdrama: Review & Ending Explained

police university

Overall, I liked Police University. This drama is about a higher schooler and hacker, Kang Sun Ho (Jin Young) who joins the police academy. He meets Oh Kang Hee (Krystal), who’s another police recruit and Yoo Dong Man (Cha Tae Hyun), who’s a hot-headed police officer but also a professor at the Police University. Sun Ho and Dong Man work together to solve a case that involves the Police University.

For one, Police University is actually very light. I’m not sitting at the edge of my seat after every episode (which is a good thing because it doesn’t give me anxiety), but I come back every week because I want to know what happens. I guess part of the reason why it’s not anxiety-inducing is because the case isn’t exactly a dark one – and when I say dark, I mean like serial killers and cold cases. Dong Man and Sun Ho are trying to catch the people behind an illegal gambling site. Sure, people have gotten hurt from investigating this case, but it isn’t exactly very high stake. The way I look at it, is that this case is just a writing technique to show how our main characters grow and implement what they’ve learned at the university. If I’m being honest, the case is very predictable and even I predicted who the culprit was from the very beginning of the drama but I continued watching because I wanted to know how the drama would unfold itself.

Our characters really made this drama fun and lovable. I really liked Kang Hee for being a strong female character. She’s smart, confident, and works hard towards her own goals. On the contrast, Sun Ho is probably the complete opposite. He may not be all that confident and he didn’t understand what it meant to have goals in the beginning. Remember, he was very intrigued by Kang Hee because he wanted to understand her dreams and why she works so hard towards them. I do appreciate that he eventually gains his confidence and makes his own goals and dreams. I also enjoyed watching Sun Ho’s two friends, also known as the airheads. Even though they didn’t play a huge role in this drama, they made the drama entertaining to watch. One of my favorite scenes was when the two decided to have a showdown to see who gets the girl – only for the showdown to be a rock paper scissors showdown.

Not to mention, I’m glad that the love lines didn’t overwhelm this drama, although I did enjoy the tension between the two in the beginning if the drama. The love lines gave our characters a way for them to grow and learn from each other. However, I can’t talk about character growth and leave out Dong Man and our other professors. I loved the scenes where our first years spend their vacation chasing after the bad guys with the professors. And I’m so glad that none of them actually turned out to be bad people!

4/5 – Really enjoyed this drama, but I did feel like the last few episodes dragged a bit. Maybe it would have been better if it was 2 episodes shorter?

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