Prison Playbook Season 2 (Release Date, Casts)

Prison Playbook

Some of the shows become famous because of their cast. Prison Playbook is quite the opposite. It does not have a star cast with Cliche story beats. It kind of has an underrated cast. But all of them do a great job.

The show features inmates in a prison cell kind of a scenario so, it might not be for everyone and there are quite a few sensitive scenes here that might shock you. It never drags but it is a really raw show that makes it quite great to watch. This K-drama is worth watching. Let us review it now.

Prison Playbook Season 2 Release date

The first season of Prison Playbook came in 2017 and ran till the January of 2018. Season 2 has been in development but there hasn’t been any information about it. The team did say that there won’t be a second season but that could be a lie!

The show has a cult fanbase and a lot of people really want to see the second season of the show. Some information regarding the second season might be released soon though.

Our Review of Prison Playbook

We can split the review into three section Story, Acting and Direction. Mind you, there can be spoilers in the story section!


The story revolves around the Baseball star Kim Kae Hyuk who has everything at his disposal i.e. fame, fortune and a really impressive social life. He is set to become a star in MLB in the USA but things turn sour for him.

Rather than flying to the States for the MLB, he finds himself on a bus with his hands tied. Murderers, Thieves and Drug Lords surround him and the pitcher is on his way to prison. He has been convicted for assault and how his whole life is over.

But things again take a turn and Jae finds his high school friend Lee Joon Ho as the prison guard and he watches over his friend in jail. Outside the jail, Jae’s whole family is devastated. He meets some people inside the prison and this changes their lives.

While the plot itself is a bit okay only,  the execution here is great. The writing is awesome and they are really great overall.


The actors have done a really wonderful job here. The acting is top quality and natural. There many actors too.

The main cast and characters in the series are; Park Hae-soo as Kim Je-hyuk, Lee Tae Sun as Young Kim Je-hyuk, Jung Kyung-ho as Lee Joon-ho, Lee Do-Hyun as young Lee Joo-ho, Krystal Jung as Kim Ji-ho, Lim Hwa-young as Kim Je-hee, Ye Soo-Jung as Je-hyuk’s mother, Kim Kyung-Nam as Lee Joond-dol and many other members are also there in this series.


Sheen One-Ho, the director of Prison Playbook did a tremendous job in making this series really high quality. The direction, camera shots, editing and overall vibe of the show makes it really watchable. If you are a fan of good direction, you should definitely watch this show.

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  1. Best K drama. Awesome acting. Fantastic storyline. Unbelievable characters. Perfection on casting.

    There MUST be a Season 2.
    It’s a no brainer.
    You have a winning storyline, and winning cast. People love it! Why have no details been released? No excuse for cancellation. NONE.
    So can’t anyone confirm this is happening, please?

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