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The new boy group “DRIPPIN” is a 7-member boy group belonging to Woollim Entertainment, which is scheduled to debut in October 2020.
“DRIPPIN” consists of six people from Woollim rookie and one who has not been published yet. It is the third boy group to debut for the first time in 3 years, taking over Golden Child from Woollim Entertainment, and the 5th idol group to debut for the first time in 1 year since the girl group “Rocket Punch”. 

INFINITE-June 2010

▶ Lovelyz-November 2014

▶ Golden Child-August 2017

▶ Rocket Punch-August 2019

▶DRIP PIN-October 2020

The group name “DRIPPIN” is a coined word that means “cool” and “cool”. It leads music, fashion and trends, and has the meaning of “nice and cool group”.

The “DRIPPIN” members are 7-member boys group consisting of 7 people, 6 of whom are trainees who appeared in “Produce X 101”. In addition to Cha Joon-ho, who was selected for X1, Hwang Yun-Sung, Kim Dong-Yoon, Lee Hyup, Ju Chang-Wook, and Kim Min-Soo are all from “Produce X 101”. Six have already been made public on “Woollim Rookie,” and one undisclosed member will make their debut in a seven-member boys group.

◈ Profile of “DRIPPIN” members (in order of age) & “Produce X 101” ranking

▶ Name: Lee Hyup

Date of Birth: August 13, 1999, from Busan

▶Age: 21 years old

▶ Family: parents, two sisters

▶ Height: 176.5cm

▶ Education: Kwon Pop Khou Department

▶ Career: Produce X 101 participation (24th place)



Ihyop, who participated in “Produce X 101” as an individual trainee qualification in 2019, showed a presence as a trainee who is good at treble with main clapping main vocal, and has been around the 40th to 50th ranks so far, the second announcement Then, the rank jumped sharply in 14 stages and survived in 26th place. However, in the third announcement, he recorded 24th place and dropped out of the 20th place.

After the show, it was officially announced on July 29, 2019 that a contract with Woollim Entertainment was signed, and it was decided to join “Woollim Rookie”. It is expected that he will be the main vocal in “DRIPPIN”.

▶ Name: Fan Yoon Sung

Date of Birth: October 30, 2000, from Seoul

▶Age: 20 years old

▶ Family: parents, brother, sister

▶ Height: 181cm

▶ Education: Shiraishi University of Music Faculty of Music Major in Korean Music (while attending school)

▶ Career: Produce X 101 participation (15th)



Fan Yun-sung is an attractive idol who is tall and has big eyes. Unlike the appearance, I am confident that the dance will be second to none in the dance position evaluation and the dance will be ranked second overall. He was expected to make his debut as an X1 member, but was not selected for the debut group in the final ranking of 15th place. Among the Woollim trainees, he recorded the next highest ranking after Cha Jun Ho

▶ Name: Ju Chang Wook

▶ Date of Birth: July 25, 2001, from Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do

▶ Age: 19 years old

▶ Family: parents, sister

▶ Height: 183.5cm

▶ Education: Keijo High School (graduation)

▶ Career: Produce X 101 participation (29th place.


A trainee who attracted attention with a face similar to SHINee member Onyu. Despite her high profile, she was good at dancing and singing and was well-balanced.

He maintained 30th place in the second selection, but couldn’t raise his rank after that, and finished in 29th place.

▶ Name: Kim Dong Yun

▶ Date of Birth: February 18, 2002, from Seoul

▶Age: 18 years old

▶ Family: parents, sister

▶ Height: 177cm

▶ Education: Seoul Contemporary High School (graduation)

▶ Career: Produce X 101 participation (23rd place.

Kim Dong-Yoon, who had a high likability for the dog face, was a trainee who had the attraction of reversing the mid-bass, and he dropped 31st in the 2nd selection and dropped out, but survived the X revival and recorded 23rd in the 3rd selection. Then dropped out.

▶ Name: Kim Min Seo

▶ Date of Birth: May 13, 2002, from Guangzhou, Gyeonggi

▶Age: 18 years old

▶ Family: parents, sister

▶ Height: 177.3cm

▶ Education: Soshinso High School (while attending school)

▶ Career: Produce X 101 participation (52nd place)

Kim Min-soo, a trainee on the acting side of Woollim, was said to have a similar face to the INFINITE member Song Kyu.

He recorded 52nd place in the second selection and was the first to drop out of the participating Woollim trainees.

▶ Name: Cha Jun Ho

▶ Date of Birth: July 9, 2002, from Hongcheng, Chungcheongnam-do

▶Age: 18 years old

▶ Family: parents, sister, brother

▶ Height: 179cm

▶ Education: Halin Arts High School, Practical Music (currently in school)

▶ Career: Produce X 101 participation (9th place), former X1 member

A trainee who has gathered a lot of attention with his visually appealing visuals. It was famous for being similar to the idol senior INFINITE member El who belongs to the same office.

Cha Jun-ho made the debut in X1 by being the only debut group among Woollim trainees in the final position of “Produce X 101”, 9th place. It was active before X1 disbanded.

The reason why the rookie boy group “DRIPPIN” has been attracting attention before its debut is the first time that the boy group is composed of trainee members who participated in “Produce X 101”. It is expected that it will become even more popular if it reveals another member, who hasn’t been released, except six.

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