Will There be Racket Boys Season 2 Come Out?

racket boys

‘Racket Boys’ is a sports Korean drama that focuses on sports especially, badminton. In this article, we are going to know about this K-drama’s latest update and also about season 2.

At this time this show is airing but still many fans who have already watched previous episodes are wondering about this show’s season 2 release date.

Most of the time Korean dramas are related to romance, crime, and thrillers but this K-drama is related to sports and we know there are not so many sports fans but still, this drama is best for those who are engaged in sports.

Previously there were some sports dramas like Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Hot Stove League, Thumping Strike, etc. This drama is related to the group of students who are very focused on their future in sports. Where they do their best to find their way in the world of badminton.

I personally recommend this drama to all those who love sports and want to find sport taste in Korean drama. The students show qualities like hard work, passion, love, and care for their teammates which has made this drama even more interesting.

This drama has received a lot of positive critics and supports globally making it one of the most-watched sports drama in Netflix.

Racket Boys Season 2 Release Date

There is no news regarding this Racket Boys season 2 release date or any changes on the casts of this drama. But currently, season 1 of this drama is available to watch on SBS and Netflix. This drama was premiered on May 31, 2021, making a total of 16 episodes by now and all of those have already been released.

There is no confirmation about this drama if it will get season 2 or not and even the production house planned to release this drama season 2, it will take more than a year to get it on Netflix.

Racket Boys casts

There is a very positive chance that we will see the same faces in season 2 as well. This drama starred Kim Sang Kyung, Oh Na Ra, Tang Joon Sang, Son Sang Yeon, Choi Hyun Wook, Kim Kang Hoon, Lee Jae In, Lee Ji Won as their main cast.


This drama was directed by Jo Young Kwang and in this drama, the story begins with a group of boys who were from the countryside and aim to compete with many top universities as well as rich schools in the world of badminton.

We will see the struggle and hard work of each member who was also passing through a lot of challenges and struggles.

Like any other struggle-based story drama in this K-drama, a boy whose name was Yoon Hae Kang is brought back to the countryside by his father to revive the badminton team which was about to get vanished from the school.

Yoon Hyun Jong is the coach at the schoolboy’s badminton team located in Haenam. In the team, there were some players Yoon Hae Kang, Bang Yoon Dam, Na Woo Chan, and many more who were always wanted to do their best in the world of badminton.

In the drama, a lead actor Hae Kang, who has already stopped playing badminton started to play this game once again. Being a small team with no financial aid they also suffer bullies and lots of troubles.

Besides the boy’s team, there is also a girls team who were suffering different kinds of issues on their own like insecurities. The team also learned and teach others that with the name and big dreams it comes with lots of responsibilities and pressure.

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