Red Velvet fan club is mad at the new idol group CRAVITY!

STARSHIP Entertainment’s new boy group ‘CRAVITY’ has decided the name of its fan club.

The fan club name of the new boy group CRAVITY is “LUVITY”.

However, the girl group “Red Velvet” fan club is upset after the name of the “CRAVITY” fan club was decided to be “LUVITY”.

The reason why the “Red Velvet” fan club is angry is because the “Red Velvet” fan club name and the “CRAVITY” fan club name “LUVITY” are pronounced similarly.

Last month, “CRAVITY” held a fan vote among the four candidate fan club names.

The meaning of LUVITY ◈.

People who love “CRAVITY” – LUV (LOVE) + CRAVITY

Meaning of Week ◈.

We love cravity, which means we are cravity.

It also means that we will work hard every week with “CRAVITY”, which will cheer us up with a different charm each week.

The meaning of Lumini ◈.

It is a composite of Gemini (ni), the English name of Gemini, and Luminous (lumi), which means “shining even in the darkness” and means “light that connects the nine members and their fans even in a parallel world of darkness”.

The meaning of RAVIT ◈.

There’s a RAVIT in “CRAVITY”.

The name of the “CRAVITY” fan club was announced on May 11 via live V LIVE.


After the final fan vote, “RAVIT” has been chosen as the new fan club name for “CRAVITY”.

The members and fans cheered when they decided on the name of their new fan club, ‘RAVIT’.

However, when “CRAVITY”‘s new fan club name was decided to be “RAVIT,” the “Red Velvet” fan club staged a protest.



Red Velvet’ fan club name is ‘REVELUV’.

Why did the “Red Velvet” fan club get so angry when the fan club’s name is so dissimilar?

You can see why by looking at the “Red Velvet” sign.


The members of “Red Velvet” call their fan club “RAVI” instead of “REVELUV”.

The fan club also uses the nickname “RAVI”.

Whenever “Red Velvet” appears on TV, they always call their fan club “RAVI”, so many people who are not “Red Velvet” fans have mistakenly assumed that the name of the “Red Velvet” fan club is “RAVI”. That’s how much I use the name “RAVI” on a regular basis.

So the “Red Velvet” fan club is protesting to change the name to the “CRAVITY” fan club.

There was a similar event this time around.

The girl group Pink fantasy debuted in October 2018.


The fan club of “Pink fantasy” was once protested by the fan club of “Red Velvet” because the name of the fan club was “LUVIT”.

There have been parallels in the past.

BTS brother group ‘TXT”s first fan club name was ‘YOUNG ONE’.

However, Girlhood member Tiffany’s fan club name was controversial because it used “eternal (young ones)” first.

When the debate over the name of the fan club continued, “TXT” changed the name of the fan club.


Eventually, “TXT” changed the name of its fan club to its current name, “MOA”.

The “Red Velvet” fan club has been protesting against “CRAVITY”, so fans are watching what kind of decision “CRAVITY” is going to make.

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