Red Velvet Irene’s actual height is a hot topic!

The official profile of Red Velvet Irene is 158 cm tall, but the portal site says 160 cm. Internet users who recently saw the published photos believe that Irene’s actual height is only 155 cm.




The movie “Double Patty” starring Irene and Shin Seung Ho was released on February 17, and the leading actors and director gave a stage greeting.




On this day, the height of Irene standing next to Shin Seung Ho became a hot topic. Shin Seung Ho is 187 cm tall, but the difference in height between the two is more than 30 cm.




Irene looks shorter than usual when she is lined up with the actors, unlike when she is with the Red Velvet members.




The other members of Red Velvet except Joy didn’t look small because they were short, but many commented that Irene’s height looked 155 cm in the stage greetings held this time.



◈ Red Velvet Official Height

▶Joy 167cm

▶Seulgi 161cm

▶Yeri 160cm

▶Wendy 159cm

▶Irene 158cm





Eileen in the Music Bank MC era had a big difference in height even if she wore high heels next to Park Bo-gum of 181 cm, so she stood on the table and shot the program.




The actual height of Red Velvet members that internet users think.

▶Joy 167cm

▶Seulgi 162cm

▶Yeri 158cm

▶Wendy 155cm

▶Irene 156cm


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