Red Velvet Joy criticizes wearing feminist T-shirts!

The red Velvet member Joy is wearing a t-shirt in support of feminists, and the controversy has been released.

Red Velvet members Surgi and Joy attended the “Aozora Day” public ambassador commissioning ceremony held at the National Climate and Environment Conference in Jongno-gu, Seoul on August 19, and Joey arrived on that day. The costumes were controversial.



The white T-shirt in the suit has the English sentence “WE SHOULDALL BE FEMINISTS”.



Joy also showed his support for feminists by posting a photo of the T-shirt in question on his personal Instagram.



The T-shirt worn by Joy is a famous brand Dior product, and the selling price is about 95,000 yen.



In the past, this feminist T-shirt has been worn by Hyunah and Suji.


There are controversies about Joy’s T-shirt. In a community with many male users, there are criticisms that “it is selfish to wear while knowing that it is controversial” and “I am annoying other members because I participated as a member of Red Velvet instead of personal qualification”, while female users Many communities commented on “What’s wrong?” and “Whatever clothes you wear, you’re free” to support Joy’s actions.



There was also an opinion that it might have been worn by some because it was sponsored by Dior. However, Joy has branded the costumes provided by the sponsor.



This feminist T-shirt did not have a brand tag, so it is speculated that he wore it on his own will.



In the past, Joy has been criticized for “declaring feminism” by pushing “Like” on the Instagram post of broadcaster and columnist Kwak Jung Eun who emphasized feminism in 2019. The post that Joy criticized by pushing “Like” contains the contents that point out the sacrifices forced by women after marriage.



Earlier, Red Velvet member Eileen also read the novel “Kim Ji-young in 1982″ that emphasized feminism with a deep impression,” criticized some net users.

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