Red Velvet Seulgi, Bullying & School Violence Hoax Evidence Verification!

Recently, an anonymous internet user has released content and proof photos claiming that he was bullied and violent by Red Velvet member Seulgi (real name: Kang Seulgi) when he was a student.We examined the evidence of hoaxes that are currently spreading to the online community.

<Contents posted on Twitter by anonymous internet users>

Anonymous internet users have posted content that claims to have been bullied and violent by Red Velvet Seulgi with the content that “always reveal the truth.”

An anonymous internet user said, “I’m not good at English and write content that was bullied by Seulgi in Korean.” He then insisted, “I have lived with patience, but I will reveal the truth if I can’t stand it anymore.”

Anonymous internet users have revealed that they have graduated from the same Seoul Performing Arts High School as Seulgi, and released their graduation photos.

At that time, he claimed that he was being bullied by Seulgi and was taking a treatment for depression, and released a photo of the medicine he is currently take.

An anonymous internet user said, “Since Seulgi, I went to hell every day from the moment I was in school. I got depressed and received psychiatric treatment. It was so painful that I even tried to commit myself.” I made it.

<Anonymous Internet user evidence verification ①>

He claimed to have graduated from the same high school as Seulgi, but the graduation photo presented as evidence turned out to be plagiarized from an Instagram photo of an ordinary person who graduated from Seoul Performing Arts High School in 2019. He was angry at someone who plagiarized his Instagram photo, saying, “Don’t plagiarize your photo.”

<Anonymous Internet user evidence verification ②>

An anonymous internet user claimed to be taking a depression remedy and checked with a pharmacist about the drug he had released, and found that it was a cold remedy rather than a depression remedy.




The account of an anonymous internet user who now claims to have been bullied and violent by Seulgi has been deleted.



Believing in the claims of anonymous internet users, the internet users who spread to the online community posted an apology on their SNS.

Internet users who spread the hoax to the online community said, “I’m really remorseful and willing to accept any punishment.”

In 2007, Seulgi started SM Entertainment’s trainee life when he was in the first year of junior high school, and continued his life as a trainee at SM for seven years.

He made his debut as a member of Red Velvet in August 2014.

<Seulgi junior high school classmate episode>

There was a child who was being bullied in the same class, but all the other classmates were on the sidelines and pretended not to know, but Seulgi got angry at the bullying children. It was still unforgettable and cool. It was like a movie. I think this was when I was in the third or second grade of junior high school, but I’ve seen Seulgi since I was in elementary school, but I saw it for the first time when I was angry.

<Episode of an idol acquaintance>

OH MY GIRL Hyo Jung said during the live stream of V LIVE, “I’ve never seen anyone as kind as Seulgi.”

Currently, Red Velvet fans have collected the contents of the hoaxed internet users and sent them to SM Entertainment.

Red Velvet fans insisted, “Don’t forgive Internet users who slander and slander such gentle Seulgi.

When Seulgi’s student behavior gathered a lot of attention in this case, it became a “#RespectSeulgi” trend on Twitter.

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