Red Velvet Sister Girls Group Member Yu Jimin’s Photo Leaked & EXO Kai’s Secret!

There is a hoax that Red Velvet’s younger sister girls group member Yu Ji-min leaked a photo and Yu Ji-min made a secret of EXO member Kai.

Since the girl group Red Velvet, the new girl group, which will debut from SM Entertainment for the first time in 6 years, is expected to debut from October to November this year.

Hina (Japan), Ninnin (China), Yu Jimin (Korea), and Helen (Korean / Australian nationality) are the most promising debut members, but they have not been finalized yet. Under these circumstances, the latest photo of Yu Jimin called “Little Irene” was recently leaked.



A photo of a cheek stick by the car window was leaked from a private Instagram account.


Yoo Ji-min was born in 2000 and joined SM Entertainment in 2016, and is a trainee whose name is mentioned in the main visual of the next girls group.

With a height of 167 cm and a face that seems to be a combination of Girls’ Generation Taeyeon and Wonder Girls Sohee, the dull atmosphere is reminiscent of Red Velvet member Irene.

Fans expect to be the 4th generation visual members of SM Entertainment, succeeding 1st generation Eugene (SES), 2nd generation Yuna (Girls’ Generation) and 3rd generation Irene (Red Velvet).

In February 2019, Yoo Jimin appeared as a back dancer on the stage of SHINee member Taemin’s “WANT”. It attracted attention at once with its beautiful appearance.

The photo of his student days was released, but his beautiful appearance attracted a lot of attention among fans

A chat screen that a net user who claims to be a friend of Yu Ji Min claims to have a conversation with Yu Ji Min has been captured and released. Looking at the content of the conversation, a person presumed to be Yu Ji-min said to Kai, “I shot an advertisement with EXO Kai in Namyangju, but the visuals were not good enough, I wish I had shot with other members of EXO.” It was a screen to answer with rude content. However, it is only a one-sided claim of a net user, and there is no evidence that the person on the capture screen is Yu Ji-min. The time is 10:48 pm today, so there is a high possibility of a myth.

The new girl group is a girl group that has debuted for the first time in a long time since Red Velvet, so the closer it debuts, the more hoaxes like this are likely to occur.

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