Red Velvet Wendy, Seulgi & Yeri Impressed by the surprise support of Inkigayo!

The members of Red Velvet came to the scene to cheer for a surprise on Wendy’s solo music broadcast stage, and Wendy was moved to tears when he saw it.

SBS music report “Inkigayo” Wendy’s pre-recording site “Like Water” broadcast on April 11 just before the main stage.



What was Wendy suddenly before the pre-recording? The reason I was surprised to hear that was because I heard the voice of Red Velvet’s youngest member, Yeri.

<Yeri’s comment>

Wendy, we’re happy because we’re always working hard and singing very well.

I love Wendy. Fight!


It was a surprise event prepared by Yeri and Inkigayo. Since Wendy had a trauma that was seriously injured during the rehearsal of the special program “SBS Gayo Daejeon” at the end of the year, the members of Red Velvet held a surprise event to secretly come to SBS “Inkigayo” and do their best to pre-record.


I haven’t taken any photos with the members of Red Velvet who came to the pre-recording site, but Yeri’s Instagram story included photos of the recording site.


A photo of Wendy’s pre-recording site was posted on Seulgi’s Instagram story, confirming that Seulgi and Yeri visited “Inkigayo”. I can’t confirm if other Red Velvet members Irene and Joy came with me.


Joy became a hot topic as he moderated the press conference on the day of Wendy’s solo album release. In addition, Seulgi and Yeri made a surprise visit to the pre-recording site of “Inkigayo”, but Irene was not found.

Red Velvet has to decide whether to re-contract soon, but teamwork has turned out to be still good. Red Velvet fans have commented that all members are likely to re-contract.

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