Renjun (NCT) Profile and Facts

Renjun NCT

Stage Name: Renjun (런쥔)

Birth Name: Huang Ren Jun (黄仁俊)

Korean Name: Hwang In Joon (황인준)

Birthday: March 23, 2000

Height: 170 cm (5’7″)

Weight: 52 kg (115 lbs)

Instagram: @yellow_3to3

Renjun (NCT) Profile: Renjun Facts

Renjun was born in China and in his family member there are only three members including him which means he doesn’t have any siblings.

He completed his education from Beijing Contemporary Music School, from where he also learned many things about chords an notes. He has also said that he has been practicing ballet and contemporary dance over there and he also said that his favorite subject is Korean but there is also no any subject he hates.

Being born in China and pursuing his career in Korea he has knowledge of two language Chinese and Korean also including English which he understand easily but can’t reply.

Rejun also has a birth mark on back of his hand and he also has a lingual braces and small dimple.

In his free time you can see him drawing but he is not soo good on it, Moomin is his favorite character he loves to draw. He loves to eat beef in hot pot.

Once asked what is his favorite animal he said Fox is his favorite animal and taking about his movies he said Avengers and Avatar or anything related to sci-fi is awesome for him.

His favorite international artist is Ariana Grande and he said he loves to listen her on his free time. While he got some leave from work the first thing he does is to visit Moomin cafe.

Rejun is also in fashion and he loves to dress up bit like a funky and more like hip hop.

EXO’s “Don’t Go” is the song which motivated him to became an artist and he admires this song very much.

Rejun says he is not so easy guy and gets mad easily but as manager said him to be innocent he is acting innocent. Sometimes he gets furious very easily so there is a single dorm for him and his sub-unit is NCT Dream.

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