Rookie Cops Episode 11 Release Date

The dark story of the story is explored in Episode 11 of Rookie Cops. CEO Jo Hansol sneaked into everyone’s disappointment. The question now is whether a new police officer can find the victim and catch the criminal just by calling. Sunhyun and Ungan are trying to hide their connection from everyone. We thought it would eventually be revealed in front of her peers, but it wasn’t. Elsewhere, love is in the air, as Taku and Ali confessed to each other while joining Sunhyeon and Ungan. Seung Hyeon’s father always had a cold attitude, as if something was wrong with his thoughts.

One thing that is remarkable is the maturity of all the characters, especially Han Na. Her character develops in stages and never feels rushed. At the beginning of the series we both despised her, but now we’re starting to love her. The movie has kept a steady pace so far, and future films look set to be more interesting.

What happened in ep 10?

To their surprise, despite being close enough to hear their phone conversation, their friends didn’t discover their connection, just when they thought everything would be fine. Joo Young noted that the same man was involved in the delivery fraud case. They all discreetly followed him to the convenience store, where he was arrested. However, after catching him, they discover he is just a blip on the radar and the real mastermind is someone else. Se-Hyeon told her business partner Jang-goo that she had to carry 100 boxes of groceries every day so that the company would not go bankrupt. Eun-gang promised that he would help.

However, a monitoring team was formed and Tak, Seunghyeon, and Eunkang were placed in the same place. Eungang was assigned to Lieutenant Jin, who is famous for being mean, especially among KNPU students, because her former boss is from there and she doesn’t get along well.
Meanwhile, the old lady mistook Tak for a grandson at the store. When she got home, she said her grandson had not been home for a month and texted her saying she was healthy. The grandson turned out to be none other than Se-Hyeon. Changu was the one who sent these messages on his behalf. Upon learning this, Eun-Kang searched the CCTV footage to find a clue. Then, along with Tak and Seung-Hyeon, they rushed to save the children, but Jang-gu left at the decisive moment. Eun-gang and Seung-Hyeon tried to catch him, but in the end, they caught him.

Rookie Cops Episode 11 Preview

The future story will be hectic, as Rookie Cops will be up against a powerful individual. It would be difficult for them to identify the real killer based on phone conversations alone. However, who will believe them when CEO Jo Hansol is well known to the public, including their close friend Shin Ari? The rest will be revealed in the next episodes.

Chapter 11 of Rookie Cops is available on Disney+. To watch the drama, you must first download the app from the Google Play Store and purchase a subscription. Then you’re ready to dive into the fun and nerdy life of a rookie cop. Rookie Cops Episode 11 will be released on March 2, 2022. Every Wednesday, twice a week. Over time, even characters that differ so much are merged into one cohesive group. The program runs for approximately 60 minutes.

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