Run On Season 2: Release Date, Casts, Trailer

run on

Want to know when Run On Season 2 release date is? Or who are the casts on this Korean Drama? Let’s find out.

When will Run On Season 2 Come?

Till now, there is no any news from production company and Netflix about the Run On Season 2.

But it has been found that this drama has not been renewed by Netflix, means you will not be able to watch this show anymore in Netflix.

So, if Netflix cancels it that means there will be no budget from Netflix side to production company. Therefore, there is big chance that this Korean drama will not make comeback.

Run On Casts

The lead roles of this drama was played by

Im-Si-wan as a Ki Seon-gym

Shin Se-Kyung as a Oh Mi-Joo

Choi Soo-young as a Seo Dan-ah

Kang Tae-oh as a Lee Young-Hwa

Park Yeong-Gyu as a Ki Jung-do

Cha Hwa-Yeon as a York Ji-Woo

Ryu Sun-young as a Ki Eun-bi

Lee Hwang-eui as a Seo Myung-pil

Lee Shin-ki as a Seo Myung-min

Run On Season 1 Explained

Ki Sun Gyum a lead role actor was once a popular sprinter on a national sports team but sadly, later he left the club due to some case and problem.

After leaving job as a sportsman he started to became a sports agent.

On the other side Oh Mi Joo is another important character of this drama series and she works as a subtitle translator for movies.

They fall in love and many interesting stuffs began with their love stories in this drama.

Run On Season 1 Ending Explained

The main question that arises after watching this Korean drama is Did Dan-ah, Yeong-hwa get a happily ever after?

Her tears are enough to wet the surface of her skin, and yet she can’t seem to stop. This is not a natural reaction for someone who’s usually so cold when it comes to letting emotions out; but then again this isn’t really about being expressive anymore-it’s too late now that Yeong-hwa has left without any warning or hesitation.

In minutes, every kind act he had ever done was replaying in front of her eyes: all those happy moments they shared together as well as their disagreements were crashing down on top of each other until there wasn’t anything else left at all except regret which felt like an anchor tying them both back into reality with its sharp edges biting deep into flesh till you feel pretty much numb from the pain.

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