Russia’s largest stadium to shine purple for Jimin’s birthday

Jimin's birthday

The largest stadium in Russia as well as one of the largest stadiums in Europe ‘Luzhniki Stadium‘ will shine purple for Jimin’s birthday.

@BTSforia_OT7 stated in a tweet that it was insanely difficult to organize, but they achieved their goal of lighting the stadium purple for Jimin. You can check the tweet below.

The fans are hyped and left the comments like:

“Jimin’s class is different”. “Jimin’s birthday is a worldwide festival”. “It’s Russia, Jimin is amazing, thank you Russian fans, you guys are amazing too”.”The scale is amazing”. “It’s like a festival all over the world”.”It’s like a giant beanie, it’s so pretty.” “Is this what Jimin’s Russian fans did? Jimin’s birthday is seriously a worldwide festival.” “October is Jimin’s world.” “Park Jimin’s class is always surprised.” “Wow, I was surprised by the amazing class in Russia.” “Wow! There are fans everywhere. It’s fascinating to see things like this.” and many more.

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