Sean Ono Lennon Says John Lennon And Yoko Ono Trained Him In Hippie Nonsense

Sean Ono Lennon, in a series of online posts, shared insights into the unique upbringing he experienced with his parents, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, particularly regarding their beliefs in astrology and other unconventional philosophies.

Sean humorously contrasted concerns about Mercury being in retrograde to someone mistakenly thinking a person is shrinking as they walk away, illustrating the absurdity he perceives in such beliefs.

This led to a user inquiring whether John Lennon avoided leaving his house during Mercury retrograde, to which Sean confirmed that his parents were indeed deeply fascinated with astrology. He likened his education in these matters to others attending Catholic school, but in his case, it involved what he referred to as “hippie nonsense.”

Yoko Ono’s interest in astrology was not just a casual hobby; it profoundly influenced significant life decisions. For instance, during a trip to Athens in 1969, she and John consulted an astrologer who ominously predicted that Lennon would be shot on an island.

This prophecy eerily came true, not in Greece as they initially feared, but in New York—a fact Yoko reflected on in a 2000 conversation with Mr. Mastorakis. She expressed regret that they hadn’t been more cautious, noting they hadn’t considered Manhattan as the island in question.

Astrology and numerology also played a role in their financial decisions and creative processes. For example, John Lennon, influenced by a fear of bad luck, renamed a song on the ‘Double Fantasy’ album from ‘Losing You’ to ‘(Afraid I’m) Losing You,’ though he later reverted the title, acknowledging his own superstitions. This blend of belief and skepticism in the supernatural was a notable aspect of their lives and left a lasting impression on their son, Sean.

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