Season 2 is already decided! About the popular drama “A smart doctor’s life”!

The Smart Doctor’s Life, a drama that began streaming on Netflix on June 4, and the title alone is For those of you whose appetites haven’t moved! Interesting! You’re missing out! We’ve already decided to produce season 2 in Korea. We want you to watch it and talk about it with us. So, here are some of our recommendations.

The Clever Doctor’s Life” aired from March to May 2020 on a popular cable TV station in Korea.
It will be available on Netflix a week after the show ends on May 28. Fresh, which can only be a delight for Korean drama fans!

After all, the only thing we were told was that it had a good reputation in Korea, so how was it good? I want to know.
But I’m here to tell you if you feel the same way about the medical stuff… not so much! We need more people to talk with!

Here’s what to watch without spoilers, a synopsis and a cast!


Five doctors who have known each other for 20 years since their school days.
Their 40-year-old classmates, who are coming out of a difficult internship period, are now veterans.

The five of them and the people around them in the daily life at the same hospital where they work.
A human story where lives intersect.

For a recommendation, you’d think it would be easy, right?
Now, next thing, keep reading.

The Cast

From left to right.
Yoo Young-seok
He made his debut in the film “Oldboy”. His breakthrough role was in “Respond 1994”, and he has appeared in many medical-related films in the past. He has appeared in many medical-related films in the past.
Jung Kyung Ho (You’re known for your relationship with Soo Yeon from Girls’ Also featured in “The Prison Rulebook
(Most importantly, this drama has increased his domestic popularity!
Jo Jung-seok (“Jealousy Incarnate” movie “EXIT”, yes, in this movie, he and Yuna as a girl. Starring! (The character is great!)
Jeong Mid (Musical Actor: this is his first drama! No wonder I’d never seen it before. (Very good actor)
Kim Dae Myung (you made your name in “Misen”)Who’s the star of the show? Yes, these five are the main characters. Each episode proceeds in the form of a spotlight on each of them.

What the hell…………
Tchotchkes, you there, it’s not funny because of the handsome guys in the show.
There are four leading men who are well known for their acting and one who has developed his acting skills on stage.
This drama is about these 5 characters, their friendship, and what happens at the hospital where they work.
I’m sure we’ll all be fans by the time we finish watching this drama.

Here are some of the points that will spark

It’s slowly gaining traction in the ratings and the second half of the show is steady! You’re about to watch, and you don’t want to retire after one episode.
In fact, the ratings for the first episode were higher than “Love’s Trapped Landing,” which you were all swamped with.
So the attention was high to begin with.
Unlike other dramas, this drama airs once a week. (Most Korean dramas have two episodes in a row.)
And what these ratings show is that, a week later, the show’s continuing attraction to the ratings continues to be a major factor in the ratings.
That means it’s going up. How attractive is that?


Director Shin Won-ho, who won the hearts of viewers with his three series of “Respond” and “The Prison Rulebook,” will be directing this drama.
You’ve become a great team with Jung Kyung-ho from this drama.
The other four cast members will be added to the cast, and unlike other dramas, we’re really taking care to portray each person individually.
Each episode focuses on someone else, but even though the focus is on that one person, it’s the other four. The people around them.
It’s a sensitive and careful portrayal of a relationship that spreads like a watermark.
And it’s not a white-knuckle slapstick drama, not a sob story.
Everyday life” unfolds in the hospital as if the audience is right there.

This is the kind of drama that breaks down the notion of a typical medical drama.

The way the foreshadowing is connected is excellent.

It’s not a simple conclusion to an episode; there are many keywords scattered throughout the film. But I couldn’t find the answer right away.
The answers will come later, casually. I think that’s one of the things that makes the drama so enjoyable to find out.
It’s really nice.

Meet the five stars of the show

The five of us have been close since our medical school days. Five people who fight, but have a strong sense of compassion and bond.
Meet each of the characters.

Role of Lee Ik-jung: Cho Jung-seok

It does not disappoint. This is the cousin from the first episode.
He is the married man and dad of the five. He is good at dancing and singing. He’s a goody-two-shoes kind of guy, and when he closes the show, he closes it with a bang.
He plays the role of a great doctor who always seems to joke around, graduates from medical school at the top of his game, and there’s nothing he can’t do.

Ahn Jong Won: Yoo Young Suk

The director immediately agreed with the author that Yoon Yong-suk itself was a gentle and delicate place. There is only say
in the female fans in this drama is the dramatic increase is? !! A kind and kind pediatrician.
Full of sense of justice and patient feelings. The scene that makes the patient sick and sick is already cute and cute. .. .. .. Prone! I became a fan!

Kim Jun-wan: Jung Kyung Ho

A cool chest surgeon who is calm and doesn’t express much. The two are the best friends, though they sometimes collide with John Won.
I have the charisma that is the focus of attention in the hospital. Even so, when I’m with five people, I relax and put out the element.
This gap never stops. In a sense Tsundere system. You can see the translation of the popular eel stream at the time of drama broadcasting (*’艸`)

Choi Sung Hwa: Jeong Mido

A wonderful neurosurgeon professor who does everything in a close manner and is close to patients.
My hobby is going to camp alone. It is
very smart to pass through your beliefs without worrying about the eyes of others .
The group of 5 used to play a band when I was a student, but the only vocalist was Ben. Singing is poor w As I have
already introduced, this is the stage actress and this is the first appearance in the drama.
I’m sure there will be more works to appear!

Yan Suk Kyu: Kim Dae Myung

Obstetrician and gynecologist. Among the five people, a gentle role that does not take part in the fight and shows a fair position.
At the beginning of the drama, “after listening to mom’s opinion…” “Mom and nail salon on weekends”
Is it Mazakon because it comes out? However, the character setting with such hints is also
a charm of the drama!

here we go! You too can be a “wise doctor!”

There are still many things I want to convey. But first of all, I’d like you to watch one episode!
And I want you to feel the world full of taste like this! !! !! !! !! !!
You must be a “wise doctor”!

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