Seolhyun updates SNS for the first time in half a year and criticizes Taeyeon for commenting!

Since July 2020, when former AOA leader Jimin was revealed to have bullied former member Mina, the remaining AOA members have suspended or rarely updated their social media activities. In particular, AOA’s most popular member, Seolhyun, hasn’t updated Instagram for the past six months and has focused on acting.


Finally, on January 20th, Seolhyun posted three new posts on Instagram for the first time in six months.

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon commented on this post by Seolhyun, “I’m happy ♥” and welcomed Seolhyun’s return to Instagram. However, Seolhyun’s return to Instagram and Taeyeon’s comments have been criticized.


◈ Why Seolhyun’s return to Instagram and Taeyeon’s comments have been criticized

When Mina acted as AOA, she revealed that she had been bullied by Jimin. Mina said, “When Jimin and his best friend Seolhyun were bullied by Jimin, they looked at the situation and pretended not to know it.” Mina nominated Seolhyun as a bystander and received a lot of criticism as the same accomplice as Jimin.

AOA member Seolhyun has updated SNS for the first time in about half a year. On the 20th, Seolhyun uploaded several photos and videos taken during the


The content of the post that Seolhyun posted on Instagram yesterday has also been criticized. The content posted by Seolhyun is a sentence that describes the impression after shooting the drama “Day and Night”. If you read the contents carefully, you can read the hidden meaning.


▶De Jungwoo Team Leader = Jimin


Only Hyewon (Seolhyun) believed in Do Jungwoo (Jimin). It took a very long time to become clear because it was true. Even if someone (Mina, or the public) doesn’t understand Hyewon’s behavior.



Net users who read the content posted by Seolhyun said, “The intention of Seolhyun to write a story that does not need to be written is that I believe in good friend Jimin to the end and someday a different truth will be revealed. And Mina and the public can’t understand what I did, but I’m innocent. ”

◈ What is the relationship between Seolhyun and Taeyeon?

Seolhyun has expressed his fans’ feelings toward Taeyeon many times on the air since his debut at AOA. The messenger who connected Seolhyun and Taeyeon is comedian Kim Shin-Young.

In March 2017, Taeyeon appeared in “Noon’s Hope Song” for which Kim Shin-Young is a radio personality, and sent a message to Seolhyun through broadcasting. Taeyeon told Seolhyun, “From now on, please give me a message directly without going through Kim Shin-Young.” Therefore, it is estimated that the two have deepened their friendship in earnest since 2017.

In November 2017, Seolhyun joined the chat during Taeyeon’s Instagram and commented, “Why is it so beautiful?” And became a hot topic.

In June 2020, Seolhyun posted a photo of the beaded ring and bracelet that Seolhyun put on Instagram with Jimin, and Taeyeon left a comment saying, “I want to try it too.”


I don’t know if Taeyeon and Seolhyun have a close relationship, but it seems that Taeyeon has left a comment welcoming Seolhyun’s return to Instagram for about four years. However, the fans criticized it, although it was okay to send an email or talk on the phone, it’s a shame to leave a welcome comment on SNS. Critics are rushing to say that Taeyeon’s actions cannot be understood even though there is a victim, Mina, in a situation where Seolhyun has not yet explained or explained Mina’s case.

shooting of the drama “Day and Night” on his Instagram. Seolhyun hasn’t posted a photo on social media for the first time in about six months since July last year.

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