SEVENTEEN, it was a tough road from 1,600 copies to a Million!

It’s still on the schedule, but SEVENTEEN will be a million seller. This is the result of the last five years of foolishness and fulfillment.

SEVENTEEN will release their seventh mini album ‘Heng:garæ’ on the 22nd. The album has received more than 1.06 million pre-orders based on the 12-day standard.The album debuted in May 2015 17 CARAT” sold just over 1,600 copies in its first week of release, and We started and released three full-length albums and six mini-albums, achieving our tenth album It became a million seller.

SEVENTEEN is considered a growth idol, with their second mini-album, “BOYSBE. 14,000 copies (initial album below) and a third mini-album, “Going” in December 2016 130,000 copies of Seventeen, and her second full-length album TEEN, AGE in November 2017. ” which sold over 210,000 copies.

And last year, he made a remarkable leap: in January, he released his sixth mini-album, “YOU MADE MY DAWN” sold 330,000 copies, and in September, his third full-length album “An Ode” sold 700,000 copies. Sales. According to the Gaon chart tally, it sold about 850,000 copies a year.

That got a lot of attention to see if SEVENTEEN would become a million seller, but SEVENTEEN They quickly accomplished it. One million single albums were the only thing BTS achieved last year, as they grew into a worldwide group. It’s a record (3.7 million by Gaon chart standards).

SEVENTEEN’s popularity isn’t limited to Korea; they’ve released their second single “SEVENTEEN” in Japan. Fallin’ Flower” broke the 550,000 mark in cumulative shipments, and “Double It was certified “Platinum”. Following the previous album “Happy Ending”, it has sold more than 200,000 copies for the second consecutive year.

Especially since last year, SEVENTEEN, which has shown remarkable growth both at home and abroad, has released its seventh mini album ‘Heng:garæ’ tells the story of youth.

The album starts off with ‘Fearless’, which depicts SEVENTEEN escaping from fear, followed by the title track ‘Left & Right’, which invented the hip-hop genre of the 2000s and reimagined it to sound like 2020.

‘Left & Right’ is a song filled with challenging adolescence, positive and powerful Gives energy; SEVENTEEN’s special support is included.

In addition, blue spring, the only one that wasn’t adolescence expressed my emotions, followed by “Nice”, and “My My”, which was released ahead of time through the trailer and music video, containing an autobiographical story of the Mumburton genre-based song, which conveys a different atmosphere than the title song.

In addition to this, SEVENTEEN conveys to adults living in this era of deep comfort to adults, ‘Otona Kodomo’, SEVENTEEN’s unique adolescent praise of ‘Let’s Go Together’, a variety of colors, none of which is indispensable to the six tracks were filled with six tracks.

The SEVENTEEN members, led by member Uzi, participated in writing and composing the lyrics and music in general. Vernon and Esksupu more weight, SEVENTEEN’s unique story in detail I knitted it out.

SEVENTEEN said through a commentary video released on official SNS on March 18, “The album conveys a message of support to adolescents who are challenging themselves to reach their dreams,” and said, “I wanted to convey good energy and help adolescents who have a lot of worries and decisions to make, and if I had been able to help them, I would have achieved my goal.

SEVENTEEN will be broadcast worldwide at 7 p.m. on the 22nd through Mnet and M2 digital channels. SEVENTEEN will perform a comeback show, “Heng:garæ,” which will be broadcast simultaneously. Through a comeback show, we get to see the title track “Left & Right” on stage for the first time as well as performing songs from their new album.

SEVENTEEN, who booked a million sellers, is expected to make another leap of faith.

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