SF9 Young Bin & ITZY Chaeryeong (Yeji), are the date photos real?

The dating theory of SF9 members and ITZY members has emerged. A photo of the two of them on a date with their arms crossed with the comment of a date photo was posted on Twitter today. About the identity of men and women who look like a couple on a date with their arms crossed, a man is SF9’s Young Bin, and a woman is ITZY’s Yeji or Chaeryeong.


The Twitter creator posted, “Oppa, the other members hurt their knees in Kingdom, but how do you feel about dating her?” Looking at the content of the comment, it looks like a fan of SF9.

The men’s and women’s date photos claimed to be the date of SF9 Young Bin and ITZY members.

What is worrisome is that the woman in the picture is Yeaji & Chaeryeong, and the story was lively. There were many opinions that the shape of the female ears in the photo looks like Chaeryeong and the hair color looks like Yeaji.

On the other hand, fans who don’t believe in photography have a three-year ban on JYP Entertainment’s romance, so ITZY, which debuted in February 2019, hasn’t passed three years yet. Then, I guessed that he was a similar person because “there is no active idol couple” who dating with his arms crossed openly at noon when there are many people.

Currently this account has been deleted and no longer exists.

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