Shin Sun-Rock’s Wife Profile and Facts

Shin Sun-Rock

As of right now, Shin Sung-rok is one of Korea’s most prominent actors. He continues to produce popular dramas, and his parts in those dramas are consistent favorites among fans. He’s equally adept at playing a villain that everyone despises as much as a hero. His achievement was a result of his acting talent and commitment. Almost two decades have passed since he began his career as an actor. Most of his recent success can be traced down to the support he has received from his family, notably his wife and daughter.

It took Shin Sung-rok two years to announce his marital status to the public, but he did it nevertheless. In Hawaii, he married his bride, a normal woman, in June 2016. No images of his wife and daughter were ever released to the public for two years. On July 16th, 2018, he posted a picture of his family on his Instagram account. In addition, he posted various pictures of his family and of him on his own Facebook page. They also applauded the appearance of his gorgeous wife and daughter, which was also praised by his fans.

As of 2016, Shin Sung-rok was married to his wife. During that period, he was dating his wife, and the two got married in Hawaii. Despite the fact that Shin Sung-wife roks are a regular office worker, she has become famous for her actress-like looks and beauty.

It’s not the first time that the musical actor has been in a one-sided relationship. Shin Sung-love rok’s story with his wife was disclosed on the variety show Master in the House. Love and relationships have always been a challenge for him because he has always been outspoken and direct in his approach. During their first meeting, he invited her on a date. When he first met his wife, he got a very strong impression of her.

As soon as he saw her, Shin Sung-rok was enamored with her. He inquired about her ideas on marriage and her ideal sort of man. He then asked two more direct questions. A few questions later, when it came time to discuss the possibility of having a child, he asked her what she felt about getting married. While recounting the story, he erupted into laughter.

On November 30th, 2016, Shin Sung-rok’s management agency announced that the actor became a happy father of a baby girl. The agency released a statement saying that both the mother and the daughter were healthy. The new father Shin Sung-rok was experiencing great joy because of the birth of his daughter. His wife gave birth to their daughter on November 29th at a hospital located in the Seoul area.

Shin Sung-management rok’s agency stated on November 30th, 2016, that the actor has become a proud father. As to the agency’s statement, it appears both the mother and the daughter are well. Shin Sung-rok, the new father, was overjoyed with the arrival of his daughter. In a hospital in the Seoul area, his wife gave birth to a daughter on November 29th.

Now let’s discuss a little about Mr. Shin Sung-rok’s life

Full Name- Shin sung-rok

Date Of Birth- November 23, 1982

Place Of Birth- South Korea

Nick/Pet Name- Man from the Stars’”

Education-   The University of Suwon

Zodiac sign- Saggitariaus

Age- 38

Height- 189


Marital status-Married

Wife- Kim Joo-won


Net worth- $1.5 Million.

Salary- N\A

Shin Sung-rok is a well-known South Korean TV actor, born on November 23, 1982. This prominent actor is well known for his work in professional Korean musical theater performances of such classics as Singin’ in the Rain and Fiddler on the Roof. He has also starred on television, winning an SBS Drama Award for his supporting part in Definitely Neighbors.


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