SHINee Key’s fans celebrated his birthday by donating $11K to charity

Key shinee

SHINee Key’s fans donated over more than $11k to charity on the occasion of Key birthday, Key fan’s provided this money to the children who were suffering from leukemia.

Being in the K-pop industry for many years Key has gathered a lot of success in his career and SHINee has a huge fan base all over the world. Members have also done their best every time to create a positive vibe among their fans.

And fans also tried to do something good on the occasions of their idols’ special day which can also create some positive aspects on the society. This time fans gathered around $11K and provided this fund for the cure of leukemia.

SHINee members have always wished that their fans may do something best which tributes towards the society and environment.

Shawols made a donation to celebrate Key’s birthday

Key’s fan planned to make his birthday special and instead of spending money on other stuff they planned to collect and help others.

SHINee fanbase is also called a Shawols and the group knows that in Korea every four children got diagnosed with cancer every day 12,000 kids fight cancer each year.

Whereas, Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation has done its best to provide support for these suffered children and they are also asking for donations which will surely help those who are also unable to get treatment due to money issues.

This is not a first time

This is not the first time that SHINee fans have done this kind of activity and before they had done it six times already. As per data, in total, the fans have donated more than $47,000 which is estimated to be around 55 million won till now.

Fans who participated in the donation said, “We are happy that SHINee’s Key has brought so much happiness to us, and we hope that this happiness can be delivered to children who are the hope of our future. We wish to find strength in children in need.”

Fans also started a hashtag #HappyKeyDay.

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