Signal Season 2: Release Date, Casts, Plot

We will discuss everything about Signal season 2 release date, casts and every information we have about this Korean Drama.

This is fantastic drama that you must try if you love thriller action like Vagabond, adventure like Vincenzo and it is also made of romance as well.

This drama was directed by Kim Won-Seok and it was produced by Lee Jae-Moon and Park Eun-Kyung. This drama first episode was released on 2016 and it ran for almost 2 months at that time.

It has about 16 episodes and each of them are about 1 hour long, there are lots of interesting actions and incidents that you will be able to watch in this K-drama.

Does signal have a good ending?

There is clear explain of this drama ending in the image below. Many people has their own theories and prediction but one user has done better assumption compare to other so we picked her thought below.

signal season 1 ending

Signal Season 2 Release Date

This drama has ben confirmed already and it was also supposed to come in 2020, but due to many internal conflicts between casts, this show is getting delay.

Also pandemic hit it very hard and it’s time got pushed more forward in future. There has been no any announcement has been made regarding the date and time for the release of Signal season 2. But we are sure that production house is doing their best to get this drama very quick.

Will there be a season 2 of signal?

Yes, it has got confirmed there will be Signal season 2 very soon.

Signal Casts

As per we know there should not be any changes on casts but due to internal conflict between actor, we may expect there will be change on casts also.

Lee Je-Hoon as Park Hae-Young

Kim Hye-Soo as Cha Soo-Hyun

Cho Jin-Woong as Lee Jae Han

These are some of the main casts of this drama and there are also many supporting actors in this drama as well.

We can also assume there will be even more characters will be added on this drama. If you have not watched this drama than you can watch it from Netflix, Viu and also from Viki.

Signal Storyline

When one young girl was walking on the street, she gets kidnapped by unknown gang. This incident was witnessed by a little elementary school girl and his name was Park Hae Yeong.

The girl was murdered by this gang and her body was left on street, as soon as this kid gets vanished parents made a police report but police were not able to find them.

Observing all these stuffs the boy start to lost his faith to the police and he thinks that police are worthless and cannot do a proper justice.

After many years, the same boy turns into a police officer and when walking on the road one day he found walkie-talkie, which helps him to get connect with a famous detective. And the most interesting part is detective was from past.

This drama is based of science fiction and time fiction as well. This story is pure mix of everything and there are many things that Hollywood should learn from it as well.

This drama is also based of parallel timing in the earth, both cannot meet them because they are from different time zone.

If you have anything about this drama or anything you expect about this drama in Signal season 2, just jot down it below.

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