Singer Kim Feel’s killing voice comforts listeners with a soothing medly

Kim Feel

Dingo Music released a video of Kim Feel’s ‘Killing Voice’ on their official YouTube channel on October 5. At the beginning of the video, he introduces himself and says “I’m going to sing songs that you’ve loved a lot first. And then, I’m going to sing a song that I love a lot. I hope you like it. I’ll sing it for you”. He began by singing parts of his hit soundtracks, including “Someday, the Boy” for ‘Itaewon Class‘, “Youth (Feat. Kim Chang Wan)” for ‘Reply 1988‘, and more. His songs deeply touched the hearts of listeners and his deep emotions were conveyed by his songs.

He later performed his ballad “Like The First Moment I Met You“, which came out last September 29th. This song conveyed the perfect emotions for the fall season, signaling the return of Kim Feel to the music industry as the ‘vocal king’.

You can watch his performance above and feel free to express your opinion in the comments below.






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