Why To Watch Netflix’s movie Single’s Inferno?

I was never into the weird reality shows like the Bachelor or Bachelorette but I got sucked into Singles Inferno fast. It started with 9 contestants, 4 females and 5 males. They’re stranded on an island and live in tents and the island’s name literally translates to hell. They get an opportunity to go to heaven if they match up with someone. This is a luxury hotel with all of the bells and whistles for one night.

It’s hosted by four panelists, Lee Da Hee (Scarlet from Search www), Hong Jin Kyung (the homeless lady in Legend of the Blue Sea), Cho Kyu Young, and Jung Han Hee. I love their commentary during the entire show. They often have different opinions and predictions about what will happen. They kept the show going.

The Ladies

  • Ji Ah
  • So Yeon
  • Yea Won
  • Ji Yeon
  • Later added at episode 5, Su Min and Min Ji

The Men

  • Jin Taek
  • Si Hun
  • Se Hoon
  • Hyun Joong
  • Jun Shik
  • Added at episode 5, Hyun Seung

This show is a lot tamer than I expected. Everyone on the show is gorgeous and respectful. I was looking for some backstabbing and fights. Even without all of that drama, this show was very entertaining and addictive. Most of the contestants are likable, especially all of the female contestants. My favorites are So Yeon, Yea Won, and Jin Taek. So Yeon is straightforward and to the point. She is an open book and is nice to everyone. Yea Won doesn’t get as much air time but she is always smiling and kind of brightens everything. Jin Taek stands out to me because he is more confident and is playing the game really well.

So Yeon is starting to break down in the latest episodes. It’s clear that this type of game is not for her. She doesn’t appear to be doing well with the insecurity of not knowing who to choose. She likes both Jin Taek and Se Hoon but wants hard confirmation from one of them. Come on girl! Just play the game and have some fun. I have no doubt that she will do fine even if she goes home single.

The best players in the game are Ji Ah and Jin Taek. Ji Ah loves no one more than herself and is so skilled at keeping all the men on her hook. Or as Koreans say, “manage the fish tank”. Ji Ah is keeping her options open and doesn’t care to commit her feelings to one person because she is completely confident that it will work out if it’s meant to be. Love this Busan 가시나.

Jin Taek is keeping So Yeon and Ji Yeon in his fish tank. He’s keeping all of his favorite options alive. He clearly understands how this is done and I love watching him work it.


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Se Hoon is also after Ji Yeon but Ji Yeon is into Jin Taek and Se Hoon doesn’t appear to be doing well with the rejection. He committed his feelings to her too fast and it’s biting him in the ass.

The new guy Hyun Seung was going on about how he likes Yea Won but he picked Ji Ah to go to paradise! WTF was that? Business decision? Is he also a social media influencer?


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The last episode ends with Se Hoon and Jin Taek making their decision of who to take to paradise with them. Se Hoon picked Ji Yeon to go to paradise with him during the last scene of the last episode. If she rejected him once before I don’t know if I would go with him. I kind of feel bad for her. Jin Taek seems to be more into So Yeon and the guys she doesn’t like picked her to go to paradise.

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