Is Sisyphus: The Myth Season 2 Confirmed? Release Date

sisyphus season 2

Sisyphus season 1 is available on Netflix and this drama is getting more love and support from fans due to its science-fiction story which revolves around Han Tae-sul and Gang Seo-hae.

In season 1 we were able to see the time travel and interesting crime stories revolving around two guys. This drama is created by Jin Hyuk, Lee Jane, and Jeon Chan-ho. This k-drama was first released on JTBC and later it was made available on Netflix.

Fans loved this drama they even praised Park Shin-hye’s acting on drama. So, some fans are enough with season one but others want to know if they will get season 2 of this drama or not?

Will There Be a Season 2 of Sisyphus?

‘Sisyphus: The Myth’ season 1 premiered on February 2021 on Netflix with the final episode released on April 8, 2021. There was a total of 16 episodes and each of them had a time of around 60 minutes.

But in the case of Sisyphus season 2 still, the production company and Netflix have not made any official statement about this drama. So, without any announcement, we are still not sure about this drama release date.

Last time, Sisyphus season 1 took just a year to make complete episodes of this kdrama but this time there was a lockdown in Korea and restrictions on the Korean travel board. So, it may take more than usual time if the production house finally decided to launch the kdrama.

But in case if the drama is renewed from the authority sources but not made public then we might get this drama in 2022 or in 2023.

Sisyphus: The Myth Season 2 Casts

Park Shin-hye as Kang Seo-hae

Seo Yi-soo as young Kang Seo-hae

Cho Seung-woo as Han Tae-sul

Jung Hyeon-jun as young Han Tae-sul

Heo Joon-seok as Han Tae-san

Cha Sung-je as young Tae-san

Chae Jong-hyup as Sun/Choi Jae-sun

Season 2 will have the same actors and actresses for sure and it looks like there will be no change in their roles. The drama is based on science fiction so, changing roles will create mess more than an interesting plotline.

But there is a chance that we may introduce some new faces in the upcoming drama.

What Can We Expect From The Season 2?

If you have watched season 1 then you are surely familiar with Seo-he reunites with Tae-sul and they reunite and there was some hint that shows Sigma was still not dead.

So, the sequel of this drama looks sure but if there will be season 2 we will get to know more about Gil-bok and his next move. Anyway, everything is assumed and we are really excited to get this drama season 2.

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