Sky Castle Season 2: Release Date, Casts, Storyline

sky castle

Are you wondering when is Sky Castle Season 2 Release Date, who are the casts and what is the storyline? Than we got everything covered.

Sky Castle is one of the famous Korean TV Series and it is mix of dark comedy, fantasy, educational and Psychological as well.

This Korean drama was directed by Jo Hyun-Tak, this is also rated as the best Korean drama of 2020. I highly recommend this drama to you, it is the another best drama which I recommend everyone to watch.

There are more than 20 episodes on each season on Sky Castle Season 1, so we can also predict that season 2 will also gonna have same amount of episodes.

Each episodes run around 60 minutes, so it’s kinda like a movie we need to have a patience for another season, it will take some time.

Joo Sang-kyoo produced this drama with the help of HB Entertainment and JTBC. You can also watch this drama in iflix and Netflix as well.

Sky Castle Season 2 Release Date

Sky Castle season 1 was massive hit and many fans of it are expecting to see if there is going to be a season 2 or not. But sadly, till now there has been no any announcement made from production company and Netflix side about Sky Castle Season 2 Release Date.

But this Korean Drama was very massive hit we can expect there will be season 2 and it may come soon. Till now it also has not been renewed yet.

Sky Castle Season 2 Casts

There will be same casts as in season one, and it is very good news to this show. It is almost confirmed that there will no any changes on actors and actress. Everyone will remain same just some plot and minor roles may added for new casts. But almost all main storyline actor and actress will remain same.

Yum Jung- Ah as Han Seo- Jin

Kim Hye- Yoon as Kang Ye- Seo

Jung Joon- ho as Kang Joon- sang

Lee Ji- Won as Kang Ye- Bin

Choi Won- Young as Hwang Chi-Young

Kang Chan- Hee as Hwang Woo- Joo

Lee Tae- Ran as Lee Soo- Im

Yoon Se- Ah as No Seung- Hye

Park Yoo- Na as Cha Se- Ri

Joe Byeong- Gyu as Cha Ki- Joon

Sky Castle Season 2 Storyline

This drama is based on the power and the role of money in a society, ideas of wealthy family and how they gonna affect the society.

There are four main female characters who are married to rich man and they also got children, they live in a castle called SKY. In season 1, these woman do their best to keep their man happy and also to get their children on best university of Korea.

And the storyline is very interesting because there starts to come lots of obstacles which is very fun to watch. Sadly, there is no any storyline has been revealed about it’s season 2 by the production company.

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