Who is Song Hye-kyo Boyfriend? Her Dating History

Song Hye-kyo

Song Hye-Kyo is a South Korean actress who gained so much admiration through her roles in television dramas such as Autumn in My Heart (2000), All In (2003), Full House (2004), That Winter, the Wind Blows (2013), Descendants of the Sun (2016), and Encounter (2018). She has also worked in many films such as Hwang Jin Yi (2007), The Grandmaster (2013), My Brilliant Life (2014), and The Queens (2015).

She is an extremely gorgeous and successful lady. If you are one of the many people who have a crush on her then you might be wondering about her relationship status.

Past and current relationship status

It is believed that Song Hye-Kyo has dated many co-stars in the past including Hyun Bin, Song  Seung Heon, Jung Ji-hoon, and many more.

She even got married to Song Joong Ki after dating for a very short time. But they got divorced soon after 20 months. Her relationship with her ex-husband and other co-stars is given below.

Song Joong Ki (ex-husbnd)

Joong Ki and Hye-Kyo had announced their engagement through their respective agencies on 5th July 2017. They had held a private ceremony at Youngbingwan, Hotel Shilla in Seoul, amid intense media interest across Asia on 31st October 2017.

But after 20 months of being in a relationship, they decided to part ways as Song Joong Ki decided to file for divorce with Song Hye-Kyo on 26th June 2019. In July, their divorce was finalized and it was revealed by Joong KI’s agency that the cause of the difference was personal differences. The age difference might also be one of the reasons for their divorce.

But currently, there is a rumor going around about the two reuniting. Recently a blurry picture is circulating in social media where the figures appear to have a similar height difference to that of Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin, who is reportedly 24cm apart. Also, a Weibo user claimed that their friend has spotted them together while going out on dates and dog walks.

However, the rumors and claims lack evidence and we can’t say for sure if they are reunited. But we shouldn’t take rumors about them seriously until an official announcement is made.

Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin was the very first boyfriend of Hye Kyo. Hyun Bin is a famous South Korean actor who gained lots of popularity for his role in the 2005 romcom Kdrama “My Name is Kim Sam-soon”. In 2008, they were working on the same movie called “The world we live in” so they get to know each other pretty well.

They had played the role of lovers in the movie and many people speculated if they were dating and rumors about them began. Later they denied the rumors but still decided to reveal that they were indeed in a relationship in 2009. But as we know the life of actors and models are very busy and similarly their relationship slowly deteriorated as they were busy in work and they finally decided to break up after two years of their relationship.

Lee Byung Han

Surprisingly Song Hye-Kyo dated Lee Byung Han in 2013 despite their age gap of twelve years. apparently, they had met each other at the set of an SBS drama named “All In”.

But unfortunately, their relationship couldn’t last very long as they broke up after two years. The reasons for their break up are still unknown but Lee Byung Han is currently married to Lee Min Jung.

Song Seung Heon

Song Seung Heon and Hye-Kyo had worked together in a film called “Autumn in My Heart”  that was released 20 years ago. The Korean media had confirmed that they were in a relationship after the movie had ended. But their relationship also couldn’t last long as it ended very soon and the reason is said to be the pressure from Korean public opinion that made them impossible to continue their relationship.

Jung Ji Hoon


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Well, it’s not confirmed yet if Jung Ji Hoon and Sung Hye-Kyu were really in a relationship. But the rumors about them dating didn’t stop until the singer married Kim Tae Hee in 2017. They had met on the sets of “Full House” in 2004.

They had really strong chemistry in the drama that made many viewers speculate that they acted sort of a couple during their show. Thus rumors about them dating began speculating.

Her ideal type

She had said that she prefers someone who respects her job. She added by saying that she might be selfish, but she wants I’m to make her feel comfortable while she’s working. Also, someone who is a warmhearted person.

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She is currently single. As we already know famous celebrities live a very secretive life and also there are no official announcements about her being in a relationship so it’s safe to assume that she is currently single.

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