Soobin (TXT) Profile and Facts


Soobin(수빈) is a South Korean singer and the leader of the 5 member boy group TXT which stands for Tomorrow By Together. The group operates under HYBE (former name Big hit).

Stage Name: Soobin (수빈)

Birth Name: Choi Soo-bin (최수빈)

Birthday:  December 5, 2000

Height:  185 cm (6’1″)

Weight: 67 kg (147 lbs)

Personal Life

Soobin was born in Ansan, South Korea, and completed his middle school at Kyongsu Middle School. he dropped out of high school. But, he has now joined college and is studying at Global Cyber University which is an online university. Soobin has two siblings and his mom and dad. There isn’t much information about his siblings or parent’s personal life. Other than that he is interested in reading and listening to music, he has expressed time and again that he is a very big fan of BTS, especially his bias Jin.


Before starting his career as an idol, he says he wanted to be a psychologist or a teacher. Soobin auditioned for the big hit and started his life as a trainee in March 2016. Later on, he debuted as the 2nd member of the boy group which we know as TXT. After his debut, Soobin made a name for himself as being the tallest idol to debut under BigHit Entertainment.

Hobbies and likings

He has also expressed his love for snow and fizzy drinks and his dislike for mint chocolate and avocado. Soobin is also known for his resemblance with ASRRO’S Sanha which is pretty similar.


By being the leader of the group he has says he has a lot of responsibilities and gets a lot of pressure but as we can see by the response from MOAS (fandom name) and the group members, he seems to be doing a very good job at being the leader.

Aside from his hard work and amazing vocal skills, Mr. Soobin is known for his bubbly and cute personality among his fans and his members, although being the second oldest member, he gets along with the younger members too. He is known to be very trustworthy and always care and be there for his members and fans.

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