Spotify reveals streaming rankings for albums released in 2021

Spotify Album ranking

On October 21, Spotify released streaming rakings for albums released in 2021. It has caught a lot of netizens’ attention.

From the released rankings we see BTS at the top of the chart with their English single ‘Butter.’ TXT secured second place with their second repackaged album ‘The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE,’ followed by Rosé with her solo debut album ‘-R-.’ TXT’s another album ‘The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE‘  ranked fourth place and Lisa‘s solo debut album ‘LALISA‘ranked fifth place on the list.

With this release, many netizens have shared their opinion which is given below.

“I think Lisa can take 2nd place. It’s been only a little more than a month since she released her album and she’s already in the top 5.”

“HYBE’s boy groups are all doing really well. ENHYPEN has yet to reach their 1st debut anniversary but they are already on the list.”

“Wow, I didn’t expect TXT to do that well.”

“BTS is the second most-streamed artist on Spotify.”

“I’m surprised to see BTS, Rose, and Lisa on top of the list with their singles only having two songs.”

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