Squid Game’s actress Jung Ho Yeon surpasses Lee Sung Kyung and becomes the most followed Korean actress on Instagram

Jung Ho Yeon

Netflix’s Squid Game is on track to become one of the most-watched shows in Netflix’s history. Naturally, all the actors also earn fame and recognization all over the world. Likewise, Jung Ho Yeon had gained a lot of attraction and she had gained millions of followers on Instagram. She surpassed Song Hye Kyo’s number of followers on Instagram on October 3rd.

She went from 400,000 to 10,000,000 followers in a span of two weeks, gaining 20 times more followers. Lee Sung Kyung was the most followed Korean actress but today Jung Ho Yeon has surpassed her as well by a thin margin. Lee Sung Kyung currently has 12,966,278 followers whereas Lee Sung Kyung has 13,020,561 followers on Instagram.

If you want to follow her on Instagram you can click below.


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