Squid Game’s grandpa Oh Young Soo turned down an advertising offer for ‘Gganbu Chicken’

Squid Game's Oh Young Soo

Recently it has been reported that Squid Game’s grandpa Oh Yong Soo who portrayed the character of Oh Il Nam, turned down an advertising offer to become the brand model for the chicken franchise ‘Gganbu Chicken‘.

On October 6th, Gganbu Chicken stated to JongAng Ilbo that it was true that they had offered Oh Young Soo to become the brand model for Gganbu Chicken but he turned down the offer. Oh Young Soo said that he would like to keep his position as an actor for now.

In the drama, Oh Young Soo was portrayed as an elderly man named Oh Il Nam whose contestant number was 001. In episode 6 of the drama, he offered Sung Ki Hoon (played by Lee Jung Jae) to become ‘Gganbu’ during the marble game. In that episode, he told Gganbu is a term to describe a close friend who shares marbles or Ddakjis when playing games. The word ‘Gganbu’ also means the same in ‘Gganbu Chicken’ and on their homepage, it explains that “Gganbu stands for your ally, partner, or team member who promised to be on your side during your childhood.”

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