K-Drama Stranger Season 3 Release Date (Confirmed)

Stranger kdrama

The season 2 of Stranger is over on Netflix and it was a smash hit. A lot of people tuned in and the show managed to gain critical reception from everywhere. But when can we expect the season 3 of this show? Well let us find out.

K-Dramas have recently been very popular in Netflix. Shows such as Kingdom, It’s okay to not be okay and Itaewon Class have all been incredible. And stranger just wrapped up a very good second season but this is not enough for the fans. We want more!

Stranger Season 3 Release Date

The creators have confirmed that Stranger will get renewed for another season, the release date has not been set yet. And it is pretty hard to predict as well.

The first and the second seasons had a gap of more than three years so, the third season might take time to release. We guess it will come in around 2023.

But the series has become too popular so, they can also make it quicker and release it without any delay. It does depend on a lot of things such as resource allocation and delegation though.

We guess the Stranger season 3 could premier by the end of 2021 if they complete the shooting fast but that is unlikely because of the pandemic. It might come by the early 2022 though, if they decide to release it faster. You can keep checking in with us to get any more updates about the release date of Stranger.

Viewership and Reviews of Stranger

Stranger is an original South Korean program made by South Korea’s tvN. It is one of the most well received shows in Netflix.

In South Korea too, the show did pretty well. The renewal for the third season could happen. The first season was watched by more than 4.5% of National TV viewers in South Korea. The figure doubled in the second season. It received an audience of 8%.

The series has also seen similar viewership stats in Netflix. The exact details are not known but we can assume that it is pretty big in the platform. On IMDB, it has a rating of 8.6 out of 10 which is a huge number. This solid viewership is coupled with positive audience feedback as well. The self-contained seasons mean that a third season could really be on the horizon for this show.

Critical reception has been great and this show does good in all areas such as story, direction, acting, sound design and more.

Stranger Season 3 Casts

There is been no any information has been provided regarding the casts of this Korean Drama but we can assume that every casts will remain same as in season 2.

The protagonist of the season 2 was Cho Seung-woo as Hwang Si-Mok and they will remain the same in season 3 as well.

Stranger season 3 synopsis

Till today there has been no any synopsis available from the Netflix, so we don’t have any actual information about the synopsis of this K-Drama.

If you watch season 2 of this drama than you might have noticed that the units get disbanded with Yeo-Jin and than he was transferred to National Police Intelligence Division Department.

  1. I have just seen all episodes.. A long, intense, complex crime drama serie. About 2.200 minutes with a very good cast and at least two strong characters. A lovely and brilliant Doo-na Bae who’s a strong and brilliant actress. Waiting for the 3rd

  2. I love mystery detective movies, series, etc.. In most US dramas, I usually have the culprit figured out within the first few moments, its much more difficult in Swedish, UK, or Scot police dramas, but it can be put together.. In the Stranger, I can’t.. I’m like everyone else sitting there racking my brain and until arrests are being made on a murder suspect, I’m going what, wow. Even taking both Chiefs, floored me. Now, I know that Season 3 will be just as effective, but one major detail makes it more enticing, the smile at the end of Season 2.. What will that smile bring to light in Season 3..

  3. I very much wish there is a season 3 !!! I consider iit is a very good series, with a great cast and there is a beautiful relationship between the 2 main characters that has to go on developing !!!

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