Stray Kids Han, what’s the lyrics of past racist rap?

He officially apologized for suspicion that Han (real name Han Ji Sung), a member of the idol group “Stray Kids”, wrote lyrics for racism in the past. On the 2nd, Han posted an apology written by himself on the official SNS of “Stray Kids”.


On the same day, the online community and others raised the claim that the rap video that Han posted on YouTube when he was in junior high school contained racially discriminatory lyrics. It was pointed out that the lyrics included expressions of racism such as “You are a black foreign worker” and “You wore it is Nike, it is Niggar”.

Han was born in Incheon, South Korea, but grew up in Malaysia from an early age and has never attended a Korean school. I joined JYP at the end of 2015, but it is estimated that the lyrics of the rap that is being criticized now were written when I was in junior high school in Malaysia in 2013 before coming to Korea.


The most problematic rap lyrics Han wrote is the expression “Niggar” in the lyrics “You wore it, Nike, it’s Niggar.” “Nigger” or “Nigga” is the expression used by white Americans to call black African slaves. “Nigger” was often used in hip-hop and movies to despise blacks. The official name for black Americans is “African-American,” meaning African-American. Until recently, the term BALCK was used, but this has also been modified to mean that blacks are despised.

Han apologized, “The lyrics I wrote around 2013, when I was 13 years old, are now controversial and have caused great concern to many people, including fans,” and “my mistake with no excuse.” Han commented, “I wrote the wrong lyrics just because I wanted to rap when I was young, and I apologize for having hurt many people with the lyrics I wrote without thinking deeply.” He continued, “I chose the profession as a singer to express myself through music and sympathize with more people, but I’m just ashamed of myself who wrote such lyrics in the past.” I am well aware that it is not an action that is allowed by itself, so I would like to reflect on it more deeply. ”


Stray Kids has recently been selected as a model for the Korean cosmetics brand CLIO, and since the shooting of the survival program “Kingdom” will begin in February, he immediately acknowledged his past mistakes and apologized. Although he received a lot of criticism, there are criticisms about his immediate activities without a period.

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