Stray Kids Hyunjin & (G) I-DLE Sujin, exclusive model brand image deleted!

After meeting the victim in person and apologizing, Stray Kids Hyunjin suspended all entertainment activities in the sense of self-restraint.

(G) I-DLE Sujin still denies allegations of violence and has been criticized by internet users. Even if the two respond, the image before being exposed cannot be regained. In a cosmetics brand where they are the exclusive models, they are desperate to erase their image.


Peripera was planning to release a new model following APRIL Na-eun on March 1, and already gave a hint through the official SNS that the new model is (G) I-DLE Sujin.

Stray Kids Hyunjin and (G) I-DLE Sujin were the most affected by the continued exposure of

Products with Sujin’s photo and Sujin’s face were also displayed at the Peripera store.

Ironically, before Sujin was selected as a new model, the model was Na-eun, who was alleged to have recently led school violence and bullying within the team. The idols selected as models of Peripera have been criticized for their past mistakes one after another, and the image of the company has also been seriously damaged.

Peripera immediately put a sticker on the face of Sujin’s advertising photo when allegations of Sujin’s school violence surfaced. Also, on the official Instagram of Peripera, photos of the original model April Na-eun remain, but all photos of the new model Sujin have been deleted.

<Stray Kids Hyunjin>

In early February 2021, Korean cosmetics brand Clio announced that it had selected Stray Kids as a new model. A photo of Stray Kids was also published on Clio’s official Instagram, but when Hyunjin’s allegations of school violence surfaced, he erased all traces and explained the reason through Instagram.

“Immediately after this controversy, we immediately suspended all public relations activities related to the model. We heard from the model’s agency that it would take a little longer to find out the clear facts, and told the people involved in domestic and overseas partner companies. Also requested the suspension of use of the relevant content and the suspension of model cooperation activities, “said the official announcement of the reason for deleting the image.


While Internet users have responded positively to Clio’s delay in taking such measures, one fashion brand has been criticized for protecting Hyunjin’s school violence. ing.

After meeting directly with the party who exposed the school violence, Stray Kids Hyunjin wrote an apology letter and posted it on the official SNS, but the Ivy Club liked the bulletin board.

Although Stray Kids is a model of Ivy Club, Ivy Club, one of Korea’s most famous uniform brands, gave the image of protecting school violence. Immediately after the Ivy Club liked it, this fact quickly spread to the online community, and Internet users are calling for the Ivy Club boycotts.

school violence from idols. When they were students, they were exposed as perpetrators of school violence, and their offices were forced to respond. However, the correspondence of the two affiliated offices was different.

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