What is Stray Kids ‘SKZ 2021’ Release Date? Tracklists, Release Time

Stray Kids

Stray Kids ‘SKZ 2021′ is about to release, as per the source it was set to be released on December 23, 2021. In this latest album of Stray Kids, there will be thirteen tracks that were recorded previously.

This also includes the Korean version of their famous Japanese track ‘Scars’, we have included everything in detail about the release date, tracklist, and everything we know about SKZ 2021.

This year was one of the best years for Stray Kids because they were able to drop many successful tracks and made their name in the list of Billboard 200. This kpop group did complete dominant in the Korean music market too.

So, for this year Stary Kids will release their final album as a gift for Strays.

‘SKZ 2021′ Release Time

Stray Kids ‘SKZ 2021’ is set to be released on December 23 at 6 PM KST/ 4 AM ET.

Pacific Time: 1 AM PT, December 23rd

Central Time: 3 AM CT, December 23rd

Eastern Time: 4 AM ET, December 23rd

British Time: 9 AM GMT, December 23rd

European Time: 10 AM CET, December 23rd

Indian Time: 2.30 PM IST, December 23rd

Philippine Time: 5 PM in the Philippines, December 23rd

Japan Time: 6 PM in Japan Time, December 23rd

Australian Time: 6.30 PM ACST, December 23rd

Thailand Time: 4 PM in Bangkok, Thailand, December 23rd

‘SKZ 2021’ Tracklists

  • 1. Scars (Korean Version)
  • 2. Awaken
  • 3. Rock
  • 4. 3rd Eye
  • 5. Mixtape 1
  • 6. Insomnia
  • 7. Mixtape 2
  • 8. My Side
  • 9. N/S
  • 10. 0325
  • 11. Mixtape 3
  • 12. Maze of Memories
  • 13. Mixtape 4
  • 14. Mixtape 5

Fan Reaction about ‘SKZ 2021’

Fans are very happy to know about this album and they are super excited to order this album as soon as it gets released. Not just happy fans are also very emotional after finding this album release date and some of them are even saying this as their new year’s gift from Stray Kids.

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