Strong Girl Bong-Soon Season 2: Release Date, Casts

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

We have all information about Strong Girl Bong-Soon Season 2 Release date, casts, storyline and also about many more interesting stuffs related tot his drama.

Strong Girl Bong-Soon is one of the superheroes Korean drama with mix of thriller, romance and comedy. The main protagonist of this drama is Bong-Soon, she is a girl with supernatural power.

It is also known as Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, this drama was first released on February 24, 2017 since then lots of die hard fan of this TV series are waiting for season 2.

This drama season 1 lasted for 2 months until April 15, 2017. On 2017, this Korean drama was also declared as one of the best and most view drama of that time.

In, IMDb you can check this Korean drama has over 8.3 rating which is very high compare to other Korean drama.

Due to it’s huge popularity fans are eagerly waiting for this drama season 2 and four years has already passed but still there is a lots of hope of that fan may see this drama season 2 very soon.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Season 2 Release

Till today, the production company and release company of this drama has not made any statement regarding the release date of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon season 2.

But we can surely hope that we may get this drama upcoming year and this can also be only possible if there will be end of pandemic.

In season 1 you can see about 16 episodes with more than 60 minutes each, so surely it will take some year to make another season with more than 60 minutes episodes.

Is the Series Canceled?

This is disappointing but it’s true the production company is doing best to get season 2 as soon as possible, anyway good news it this show will have season 2 and it is confirmed.

Where Will Season 2 Release?

You can watch Strong Girl Bong-Soon season 1 in Netflix. So, surely season 2 will also be available at Netflix as soon as this drama production get finish. The complete distribution of this drama is handled by JTBC, still it is depend on them to make this show available at Netflix or not.

But this drama has not just generated huge viewership but it also generated a tons of money. So, JTBC will try to make this drama available on as much as services they can.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: Production Details

This drama is directed by one of the Korea finest director Lee Hyun-min and the writer of this drama is Baek Mi-Kyung. Other executive producer of this drama is Song Won-sub and Park In-sung.

The distribution of this show is owned by JTBC and the cinematography is done under Moon Se-hong and Lee Min-jin.

Also, editing work is carried out by Oh Dong-hee.

Strong Girl Bong-Soon Season 2 Casts

You will find same actor as in season 1 in season 2 as well. The main protagonist and many other supporting actors role will not get any changes.

Park Bo-Young ass Do Bong Soon

Yoo Jae-Myung as Chil-goo

Ji Soo as Guk-doo

Park Hyung-sik as Ahn Min-hyuk

Ahn Woo-yeon as Do Bong-ki

Shim Hye-jin as Hwang Jin-yi

Kim Seong-beom as Ahn Dong-ha

Shim Hoon-gi as Ahn Dong-suk

Han Jung-kook as Ahn Chul-do

Kim Min-Kyo as Ahgari

Kim-Won Hae as Kim Kwang Bok

Choi Moo-in as Yook

Jeon Seok-ho as Secretary Gong

Strong Girl Bong Soon Plot

As we already mention the main protagonist of this show is a girl named Bong-soon and she has also special gift which is her super power.

Her power source was her mom since, her mom was also same as powerful like her. Bong-Soon dream was to create a video game and she also plays a video game lots of time.

She fell into love with a police officer named Guk-doo. Due to money problem she started to hunt job and luckily, she got a job as a bodyguard of rich Korean businessman named Ahn Min-hyuk who also owns gaming studio.

She is so powerful that sometime her power get overflow so, there is a lots of pressure and struggle for her to balance her power.

This show has lots of fun like catching the criminals and accomplishing many missions.

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