SUPER JUNIOR Hichul, AOA Jimin & Soryon Why did you quit your friendship?

As the troubles surrounding AOA continue, the past broadcast images of Jimin and Seolhyun, who are at the center of the trouble, are being re-illuminated. In particular, the reason why SUPER JUNIOR Hichul, who had a close friendship with AOA Jimin and Seohyun, has broken down is drawing attention.

AOA Jimin, Seolhyun, and comedian Kim Shin-nyon are well-known close friends in the entertainment world. In 2018, when Jinmin was in the AOA era, he said on a radio program that it wouldn’t be regrettable to give Seolhyun and Kim Shinyoung all the money.



The name of the friendship formed by SUPER JUNIOR Hichul at the gathering of AOA Jimin, Seolhyun, and comedian Kim Shin-young was “Shinkimchi school”.



On the regular program JTBC “Knowing older brother” on which Hechul appeared on June 2, 2018, “Shin Kimchi group” members AOA Jimin, Seolhyun, and comedian Kim Shin-young appeared.



The reason why the name of the group of four people became “Shin Kimchi school” is “Shin” by Shin Ji Min & Kim Shin Young (Korean pronunciation Kim Shin Young).

When Kim So-ryeon and Kim Hee-chul’s “Kim” is added, it becomes “Shin Kim”, so “Ji” is added at the end to become “Shin Kimchi school”.



In December 2016, Hichul released a photo taken on a trip to the resort together with four people on SNS.



Seo Ryong told Hychul on the program, “I was really close at that time.”



He said in a harsh tone that he felt like he had left the meeting.



Kang Ho Dong: It seems that you often go on trips regardless of broadcasting.

Min Kyung Hoon: Then, does Hi-Chul go with you? When going on an overseas trip.



Seolhyun: No, I won’t go to him anymore.

Kim Shin Young: It’s almost like I left.



Seolhyun: Only three of us are on good terms.


The reason why this broadcast is receiving renewed attention is that if AOA leader Jimin and AOA’s most popular member Seolyeong build a close friendship, it will have a great influence on other members, and only two people will Criticism is increasing online that it is normal for trouble to occur in the group if they stick to each other.


Hichul fans say that AOA ex-member Mina was really happy to have a relationship with Jimin and Soryon before exposing Jimin’s bullying. The fans were just about to get along with Jimin and Seolyeong as long as they had a friendship. Hechul commented that he had foresight.

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