Top 10 Suspense Korean Drama That are Interesting


Aside from romantic dramas and romantic comedies, Korean dramas are very entertaining, even suspense dramas! This time, we’re going to rank the fun Korean suspense dramas that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Here’s the format!

10:  Mistress


This is a remake of a British hit drama and is known as the Korean version of “SEX AND THE CITY”, a love suspense drama.

It is a suspense drama that is easy to watch for women as well because it features four adult women as the main characters.

As the episode progresses, you can’t stop wondering what happens next!

I recommend it because it’s got love woven exquisitely into the suspense, and you’ll never get tired of it!

9: Hello Monster

In addition to co-starring the splendid actors Seo In-guk, Jang Nara, and Park Bo Gum, the popular KPOP D.O. of the group EXO makes a special appearance!

You’ll be hooked by the well-crafted, fast-paced storyline and the mystery elements that gradually lead to the truth from the foreshadowing scattered throughout!

In addition to the intense suspense, Lee Hyun (played by Seo In-guk)’s character, Lee Hyun, who is a heartthrob, is a true love story.

I recommend this drama for suspense and romantic comedy at the same time!

8: Children of Nobody

Kim Sona, who plays the lead role, won the best performance award at the MBC acting awards!

It was the last film before VIXX enlisting and has left a strong impact.

It’s a suspense thriller genre, but it’s a drama that makes you jumpy and watch one after another.

The process of various incidents leading to the truth is full of exciting surprises, and it’s a great example of Korea It’s hilarious in the audience! The drama was talked about in the past. If you like mysteries, you’re in for a treat!

7: The Lady in Dignity

Kim Sona and Kim Hee-Sung’s top Korean actresses co-starred in this film, which created a lot of buzz.

Aired on the cable TV station JTBC, the drama’s viewership ratings have been increasing rapidly, and it became the number one rated JTBC drama of all time!

Anyway, it feels like a peek into the life of a celebrity, and the life of a woman going from caregiver to celebrity is painful!

Who killed her – you won’t find out who killed her until the end, and you’ll enjoy solving the mystery to the fullest!

6: Stranger

Winner of numerous awards including the Drama Grand Prize at the “54th Baekseo Art Awards,” this drama has been called a masterpiece of the suspense genre.

This is a popular suspense drama that reveals the injustices and hidden secrets inside the prosecution, and is often called the best of 2017 by suspense-loving listeners in Korea!

Who’s the bad guy and who’s the good guy – the riddles never stop to be solved and everyone starts to look suspicious!

The pinnacle of well-crafted suspense!

5: I Can Hear Your Voice

The film won six awards at the 2013 SBS Acting Awards, with Lee Bo Young winning the Grand Prize and Lee Jong Seok winning the Outstanding Performance Award.

With this film, Lee Jong Suk got his big break and became a top star.

It may be a little old, but its innovative storyline is a must-see!

It’s a combination of all the heart-pounding, suspenseful thrillers and thrillers and is still loved by many suspense lovers.

And don’t miss Lee Jong Suk’s younger guy act!

4: Tunnel

Broadcast on channel OCN, which has produced many hit suspense dramas, this blockbuster has been called the No.

#1 suspense show of 2018.

With trendy time slip elements, this is an emotional drama that is not only filled with suspense elements, but also a deep love story and heart breakingly passionate friendship that will strike your heart.

The well-crafted story is irresistible to those who love suspense!

A superb suspense that leaves you with a very warm feeling after watching it.

3: Voice

It was remade in Japan starring Toshiaki Karasawa! This is a popular series that has already aired up to season 3 in Korea.

Anyway, the tense story line is sure to get you hooked!

Even though the lead actors have changed, with 1 starring Jang Hyuk and 2 and 3 both starring Lee Jin Wook, it’s still fun!

It’s a bit of a thriller, but it’s enough to make you want to see the rest of the story more than it is scary. LOL!

The great thing about this film is that even though we find out who the killer is rather early on, the tension builds even more.

I would definitely recommend this one to any suspense/thriller lover!

2: The Signal

You can’t talk about Korean dramas anymore without watching this one! It is such an undisputed masterpiece.

It was remade in Japan starring Kentaro Sakaguchi and is a famous suspense drama in Japan as well.

It won 9 awards including the “Hyakuso Art Award”, and many people ranked “Signal” as No. 1 in the suspense drama ranking.

The appeal of this drama is not only in the suspense and fantasy elements, but also in the gritty human drama, and the passionate passion of a detective that “the future can be changed if you don’t give up” is a human drama that transcends time and is very exciting.

This is a masterpiece Korean drama that you must see at least once.

1. Innocent  Defendant

A hit revenge suspense that averaged 21.7 percent viewership and had the highest ratings of 28.3 percent!

Personally, I have yet to find a more interesting suspense drama than this one. (Hence #1. LOL)

The well-crafted storyline is wonderfully crafted and draws you in from the first episode to the last. It’s fun to watch non-stop.

Chisung’s passionate performance as the lead actor is wonderful and sometimes you can’t help but laugh in the midst of the thrill of the moment. Some scenes will make you cry.

The magnificent images reminiscent of the American hit drama “Prison Break” and the tension filled This film showed the seriousness of the Korean drama in the storyline development.

A superb suspense drama that I highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t listened to it!

What did you think?

We’ve introduced our top 10 really interesting and recommended Korean dramas – suspenseful version!
There’s a lot of interesting Korean suspense out there, so be sure to check it out!

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