Sweet Home Ending Explained

Sweet Home

The show debuted on December 18th, 2020, and was canceled after just ten episodes. Sweet Home’s epilogue answered a lot of questions for the audience, but it also raised a bunch more. The show was a huge success, with many k-drama fans giving it rave reviews.

There was a major cliffhanger at the end of Sweet Home season 1, and now everyone is eagerly awaiting season 2. It was Lee Eung-bok, Jang Young-woo, and Park So-Hyun who directed the first season.

It’s based on Kim Carnby and Hwang Young-webtoon chan’s of the same name. Studio Dragon created the show. Sweet Home features stunning CGI and animation, as well as an impressive cast. A lot of people were undoubtedly baffled by the finale, despite the fact that the plot was fairly interesting.

Ui-myeong is taken to the last of the survivors by Hyun-Su. Both introduce the other as someone much like themselves when they first meet, which puts the surviving at ease. The goo monster kills Ui-myeong, and he now believes humans and monsters cannot coexist.

Sang-wook tries to take Yu-ri outside despite her asthma attack. Ui-myeong, on the other hand, halts their plans. He’s aware that if they venture outside during Operation Golden Hour, the military will shoot them. Not only would this put them in danger, but it would also reveal the situation to others.

The conflicted Ui-myeong shoots two of the survivors when Hyun-Su fails to stop them. Hyun-Su transforms into a monster in order to stop him. The monster Du-Sik makes self-sacrifice in order to soothe the beast within. Gil-seob, meantime, passes away peacefully in his sleep and is buried afterward. The location of a hidden tunnel is made public. All of the deceased survivors have been buried as well.

Over the course of a few days, weeks, or months, the military informs the survivors that they will be transferred to a safe camp. The afflicted people are also asked to surrender at the same time. Hyun-Su makes the decision to talk to the military.

However, another survivor detonates a device, causing the structure to come tumbling down. Eun-hyeok also dies in the middle of this.

The survivors of the falling building use a secret passage to flee. They are transported to the safety camps as soon as they reach the surface. Yi-Kyung enlists in the military and becomes a sergeant. He serves as an inspiration to the survivors, encouraging them to hold on for dear life.

In another image, we see Hyun-Su lying unconscious in a military vehicle, and in another, we witness Ui-myeong entering the military truck in his slime form. Sang-Wook, dressed as a soldier, is also in the cast, although he’s not wearing a helmet. Hyun-Su regains consciousness at the film’s closing scene, having been unconscious for an unknown period of time.

When he first sees Sang-Wook, he realizes that the man in front of him is actually Ui-myeong, disguised as Sang-Wook. in the midst of everything.

The show’s future is wide open with Ui-myeong now inhabiting Sang-body. wook’s It’s unclear how Ui-myeong intends to proceed with his strategy at this time. Sweet Home’s gloomy environment offered viewers both nightmares and a sense of excitement. We have no choice but to wait for the second season to find out what happened.

The narrative of the program was fascinating and well-maintained throughout the show’s run. Song Kang (Cha Hyun-Su), Lee Jin-Wook (Pyeon San G-wook), Lee Si-young (Se Yi Kyung), and all the other actors and actresses in the film made it a huge hit despite the good premise.

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