Did Taeyeon Did Plastic Surgery?

Taeyeon Plastic Surgery

Girl’s Generation member Taeyeon has been in the business for quite some time. Her facial features have changed noticeably throughout this time, drawing attention from the media. There have been several rumors circulating on the internet that she has undergone cosmetic surgery. Taeyeon, on the other hand, has never officially addressed the rumors surrounding her relationship.

Taeyeon’s face has grown rounder and chubbier by 2009. With aegyo-sal, her eyes appear to be much larger. Her features have shifted dramatically since the 2016 photograph in which she was captured.

Her jawline and eyes, for example, have become stronger and more pronounced. Her bridge of the nose also looks to be more angular and elongated. However, her nose’s tip seems higher and blunter in the 2009 shot than in the more current 2016 photo. In which case, Taeyeon may have had surgery on the bridge of her nose as well.

Some might say she could’ve gotten a double eyelid surgery but looking at her childhood photos, she has always had double eyelids since she was small. So we can conclude that she might’ve only gotten a nose job and nothing else, it could easily be her facial structure becoming so defined as she grew up.

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