Takuya Kimura & BLACKPINK Lisa confirmed as mentors for new Chinese survival program!

Takuya Kimura and Lisa BLACKPINK have been selected as mentors for the new youtube show “Asia Super Young” in China.

BLACKPINK Lisa will appear as a mentor for the Chinese survival program again, following the Chinese version of the “Producer” series “Youth Uni 2”.



The 2020 annual conference “Cool Youth, Just Burning” of China’s largest video site “YOUKU” was held in Shanghai, where various programs and dramas starting next year were announced.

Among them, “YOUKU”‘s new survival program “ASIA SUPER YOUNG” attracted the attention of K-POP fans.



“Asia Super Young” will be broadcast in the first quarter of 2021 and will be produced on a global scale by gathering the best idol trainees in Asia.




◈ Mentor lineup that has become a hot topic

▶Takuya Kimura-Singer/Actor (Japan)

▶BLACKPINK Lisa-Singer (Thailand)

▶Jay Chou-Singer/Actor (Taiwan)

▶Yi Yang Qian Xi-Singer/Actor (China)


When the mentors were introduced along with the program, the venue buzzed for a moment. That should be the best Japanese top star Takuya Kimura, a star representing Greater China, Zhou Jie Lun, K-POP idol star BLACKPINK Lisa, China’s best youth icon Yi Yang Chishiro, Mentors are truly Asian countries. The super-luxury Mentor Corps was born with the representative stars.



Lisa is a superstar in China, competing with Asian stars who were selected as the only female mentor.



One of the decisive reasons why Lisa was chosen as a mentor for “Asia Super Young” is to mentor for the survival program “Youth Uni 2”, which selects the Chinese girl group produced and broadcast in China from March to June this year. Appeared as.

He sometimes showed charisma and sometimes gentle, and captivated Chinese fans.

It seems that Lisa was selected for this program due to a flood of requests to appear on Lisa in various future survival programs in China.



BLACKPINK fans are worried that if Lisa appears on a Chinese show, it could hinder BLACKPINK group activities. However, “Asia Super Young” will be broadcast in the first quarter of next year, so there will be no hindrance to BLACKPINK’s activities in the second half of this year.

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