Tallest K-pop Female Idols

Tallest K-pop Female Idols

Let’s check out the tallest K-pop female idols, they may be way taller than you still let’s check out.

TWICE’s Tzuyu

Tzuyu isn’t only the maknae of TWICE, but additionally the tallest. This TWICE member is so tall that she frequently has to bend her knees decrease than the alternative women in the course of choreographies to be the same in height. She stands 170cm tall.

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

In Girls’ Generation, Sooyoung is the half of the Twin Towers. She is 170cm tall, surpassing most members.

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun

On the other side of the Twin Towers is Seohyun. She is the youngest in the group, just like Tzuyu, but she is the tallest at 170 cm.

Girl’s Day’s Yura

170.2cm tall, Yura likes to show off her legs! In fact, her legs are insured for a whopping 500 million won ($448,000).

 After School’s Nana

Nana is 171 cm tall and has long legs as well as a beautiful face. She was Nana and she was named the ‘Most Beautiful Face’ in 2014 and 2015.

 HINAPIA’s Minkyung

Minkyung Hinafia, known as Pristine Roa, is famous for her model proportions. Her height is 172 cm.

 SONAMOO’s New Sun

New Sun is the tallest and youngest member of the gang! Fans believe she seems taller and taller whenever she cuts her hair, and she is 172cm tall.

 Sungah (formerly of 9MUSES)

Nine Muses is famous for its members looking like models, and Sona is one of the real giants! Her height is 172 cm.

 Gaeun (formerly of Dal Shabet)

Gaeun is the second tallest after Dal Shabet member Subin. She is 172 cm tall, and she is working as a model.

Hyuna (formerly of 9MUSES)

Another Nine Muses’ Hyuna was 172 cm tall and was immersed in modeling when the group disbanded.

GFriend’s Sowon

Seowon is the tallest standing at 173cm, and it turns out that her legs are 113cm in the idol room, taking up more than half of her body!

Weki Meki’s Doyeon

At 173cm, Doyoung is the tallest member of Weki Meki, and as a cheerleader and captain of the team, he made good use of his height even before his debut. She is also active as a model.

Euaerin (formerly of 9MUSES)

Euarein is 174cm tall and exceeds most people. She was the second tallest member of the group during her time there. She is currently active as a model.

Lee Sem (formerly of 9MUSES)

Lee Sem, who is 176cm tall, was the tallest member of 9 Muses when she was a member of the group! She’s known as a gentle giant – she’ll never kill a fly, but her size might terrify some! She currently does not work in the entertainment industry.


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