The album Phil Collins was the most proud of: “It’s my favourite album”

Phil Collins, renowned for his role in Genesis, experienced a serendipitous twist in his career with his solo endeavors. His transition from Genesis’ drummer to a solo artist was marked by emotional depth, notably in his debut album “Face Value.” This album, fueled by his struggles, showcased a different facet of Collins’ artistry and earned him acclaim with hits like “In The Air Tonight.”

Before his rise as a vocalist, Collins was a proficient drummer, contributing to various progressive rock bands and even George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass.” His vocal talents were initially overshadowed in Genesis, but with Peter Gabriel’s departure after “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway,” Collins emerged as the lead vocalist, starting with the album “A Trick of the Tail.”

The 1980s brought personal challenges for Phil Collins, leading him to take a break from Genesis and channel his emotions into his solo work. His solo career flourished alongside his contributions to Genesis, with a significant presence in the 1980s pop scene. Collins also ventured into film music, notably composing for Disney’s “Tarzan,” following in the footsteps of artists like Elton John.

Post-Genesis, Collins’ solo albums, such as “Both Sides,” took a more experimental approach. This album differed from his Genesis work, featuring Collins playing all instruments and producing most of the music at home. “Both Sides” holds a special place in Collins’ heart, as he expressed in an interview with Consequence, citing it as his favorite and a personal career highlight. It stands as a testament to his multifaceted talent, unmasked and deeply personal.

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