2021 KBS Drama Special: The Effect of a Finger Flick on a Break Up (A Moment of Romance)

The Effect of a Finger Flick on a Break Up

I wanted to watch something just to briefly pass the time so I turned this one. I never watched any of the KBS Drama Specials before but I watched this because Kang Tae Oh is in it and he’s a cutie. I looked up what these shows were about and they’re a series of short films that started in 2010 and this is their 12th season. This is the list from this season:

tvmaze list

The complete list for all 12 seasons can be found here:


Tae Oh wasn’t very cute in this episode. It was about an everyday typical relationship and how it ended. The breakup started with a forehead flick and it goes back into the root of the anger.

Sung Joon (Kang Tae Oh) and Mi Kyung (Shin Ye Eun) seem like a typical happy couple. Working young professionals. Mi Kyung lost a soccer bet with Sung Joon which resulted in her getting her forehead flicked. This is a common bet among Koreans, instead of waging money, we enjoy inflicting pain on each other. Sung Joon flicked her pretty hard and she broke up with him.

Initially, it looks like Mi Kyung is being petty but Sung Joon was gross from the beginning. As soon as she walked in, he didn’t care what she was doing he just wanted sex immediately. From the first scene, you could tell that he was very selfish. Later on, through the things he says and does, it’s obvious that he is super selfish and that forehead flick was only a catalyst for something that should have ended a long time ago.

Sung Joon realizes that Mi Kyung is serious and instantly thinks there is another man because there is absolutely no way it’s his fault. He displaces the blame onto someone else.

The show gets a little deeper when Mi Kyung goes to her parent’s house to have dinner for her mom’s birthday. Her dad was too busy was not there for her mother’s birthday. Mi Kyung begged her mom to get a divorce because her father was so inconsiderate. She also realized that she was in the same love-less relationship as her mom.

In the end, Mi Kyung explains why she is breaking up with Sung Joon and on the same day, her mother left her father. I love how this show ended because both Mi Kyung and her mother realized what they were worth.

It will be interesting to see what the other episodes are like. If you want a bite-size burst of entertainment with a great life lesson, give this show a try. I’ll definitely watch the other episodes as well.


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