The George Michael song he thought no one would understand: “It’s a strange love triangle”

George Michael’s journey from Wham! to a solo artist showcases his evolution and depth as a musician. Initially part of Wham!, alongside Andrew Ridgely, Michael contributed to pop hits like ‘Wham Rap’ and ‘Bad Boys’.

However, his aspirations went beyond the band’s scope, leading to his solo career marked by iconic songs like ‘Faith’ and ‘Father Figure’. Michael’s solo work diverged from his Wham! days, where he often wrote filler tracks, to create more profound and personal music.

His solo debut featured the ambitious ‘I Want Your Sex’, stretching the pop song format. ‘Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1’, another milestone in his career, reflected his struggles with fame, with songs like ‘Freedom’ and the introspective ‘Cowboys and Angels’. This latter track, revealing a complex love triangle, is an example of Michael’s deeper, more enigmatic songwriting. It resonated with many, though Michael believed its true meaning was often misunderstood.

Michael’s ability to connect with listeners through themes like unrequited love was evident in his work, including ‘American Angel’, a tribute to a past lover. This song, seen as a sequel to ‘Cowboys and Angels’, demonstrated his ongoing influence and the universal appeal of his music. His career, marked by a shift from pop anthems to more nuanced and personal compositions, illustrates his growth as an artist and his impact on millions of fans.

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