The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim Review

Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim was way too short, but I like that it didn’t drag. Every episode was filled with plot and I actually felt like it lacked a little character development because of it. In this drama, Ga Doo Shim (Kim Sae Ron), who can see ghosts and fight evil spirits. She transfers to a school where an evil spirit is possessing and killing students with the worst grades. She meets Na Woo Soo (Nam Da Reum), who’s her classmate and he starts to see ghosts as well. The two work together to fight this evil spirit.

First off, there’s not a lot of fluff in this drama because the plot never deviates from the evil spirit who’s killing off students. I know the drama tries to throw a love line in there and have Doo Shim bullied by her classmates, but those scenes last minutes compared to the main plot. The love line is pretty cute, but Woo Soo makes me cringe a little with his lines. This kid is in high school for goodness sake, how is he so smooth with his pickup lines?

I do think that we get some character development in Doo Shim – in the beginning, she tries to ignore all her classmates and their problems because she used to be made fun of for having a mother who’s a shaman. When she enters this school and meets Woo Soo, things start to change because Woo Soo is like a puppy who follows her around trying to understand his new powers. However, I mentioned that there wasn’t a lot of character development because I felt like some of the side characters’ change in personality was a little too sudden, specifically Soo Jung’s. She always seemed like an antagonist but in the last two episodes, she’s suddenly on Doo Shim’s side and was so understanding. It just didn’t sit well with me; I actually thought she had something up her sleeve to foil their plans as a normal drama would. I also wished we had delved into the other plotline of Doo Shim finding Hyun Soo’s mother because that seemed to be one of the main starting points in the drama, but the drama ended it with Hyun Soo remembering his mother himself – which is quite disappointing.

4/5 – Overall, I really enjoyed this short drama. It sucks that only one episode is released per week, but I did hear there was a season 2 coming out, so that’s also exciting!

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