The Heirs Season 2 (Release Date, Casts)

The first season of Heirs premiered way back in the year 2013. The first season ran for 20 episodes. We have been waiting for the second season for more than 7 years now. So, Is there any rumor about this show coming back again? Let us find out.

This drama was produced by American Digital Platform and Drama Fever, you can also see most of this drama are shoot on American as well. The writer of this drama is Kim Eun Sook and this drama was one of the most popular drama in China as well as in Japan.

In China only this drama was viewed more than 1 billion times in Yoku Network. And yes this is one of the highest grossing Korean drama as well.

The actors of this drama also got very huge popularity along with this drama.

Recent Speculation

Recently, the main actor of the series Lee Min Ho gave an interview where he indirectly hinted at the Season 2 of The Heirs and he also said that the project was going to be done pretty soon. The sources say that this “new project” is The Heirs Season 2.

Another group of people believe that second season was supposed to come by 2020 but due to the pandemic, it got shelved. This changed the production schedule and the project will perhaps complete by the end of next year.

If this happens, we can expect The Heirs Season 2 to come out by late 2021 or Early 2022. The sooner it comes, the better though!

Review and Plot of the First Season

The first season had a really huge following worldwide. Since it is a drama series with a lot of plotlines, the first season got a universal appeal. The cast and crew did a fantastic job as well.

The teenage drama centers around a group of super rich teenagers studying in a school. The spotlight shifts to a poor girl who does simple jobs to ear for her family. Similarly, a wealthy kid is sent to the US by his brother.

The story begins when Eun-Sang is sent to the US to meet his sister who is about to get married. But Eun-Sang finds out about the abusive relationship that the sister is in and her working conditions and the fact that she can’t go back to Korea.

So, Eun decides to help her by working but Cha (The Sister) is hired as a maid in Kim Tan’s house and this is where things get interesting. There are relationship triangles and different plotlines. This makes this show an incredible drama thriller.

Heirs season 2 Release Date

We can’t say for sure. But we will probably get a time skip in the opening season. It would be pretty great to see how the story will unfold and we might also get some new faces in the next series.  Perhaps, the main characters’ fate will be decided in the second season and the story will probably get wrapped.

We believe that the second season will come out sometime in early 2022.

Where to Watch The Heirs?

The season 2 is not available currently, so you cannot watch it but if you want to watch season 2 of this K-drama than you can watch it from Netflix, Viu and Viki.

The Heirs is very popular drama, so almost on any platform you can get this drama to watch. This drama also has about 100 subtitles be sure to watch it on your language.

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