The hoax actor Lee Min Ho from China and Jung Sora from Miss Korea have emerged!

The enthusiastic theory of actor Lee Min Ho and Miss Korea-born Jung Sora has emerged and has become a hot topic online in China.

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Lee Min Ho was born in 1987 and is 33 years old this year

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Born in Miss Korea in 2010, Jung Sora was born in 1991 and is 29 years old this year.

◈ Who is Lee Min Ho and Jung Sora from Miss Korea where the enthusiastic theory emerged?

Chung Sora was born in the United States as a Korean-American and lived in China for seven years. Known for speaking four languages, Jung Sora has opened a famous Korean university, Korea University.

Originally from Miss Korea in 2010, he also participated in the 2011 Miss Universe. His younger sister, Jung Yuri, is from Miss Seoul in 2012, and his father, Jung Han Young, is an actor and is currently the CEO of a human tech China company in China.

* Verify hoax from China

On August 9, Lee Min Ho uploaded a photo taken at a movie theater on Instagram.

Jung Sora also posted a personal photo on SNS on August 9, but claimed that the place where the photo was taken was a movie theater like Lee Min Ho.


The movie theater is said to be a luxury movie theater with only eight seats.

According to hoax, this was a date spot for the two of them.

On August 20, he claimed that the backgrounds of Lee Min Ho’s Instagram photo and Jung Sora’s photo match. Currently, the photo of Chung Sora has been deleted.

Claims that the “WOOWOOWWOO” account is Lee Min Ho’s secret Instagram account.

According to hoax, Lee Min Ho is following Jung Sora with a secret Instagram account.

Lee Min Ho has a close relationship with actor Kim Bum and Jung Il Woo’s stylist Jung Il Woo, but Jung Il Woo’s girlfriend and Jung Sora are friends.

The problem is that in the photo taken by Jin-gyu’s girlfriend and Jung Sora, a big ring stands out on Jung Sora’s finger, but this ring is rumored to be an engagement ring with Lee Min Ho.


Lee Min Ho’s Chinese fans argued against Lee Min Ho’s and Jung Sora’s enthusiastic love theory, which is spreading rapidly online in China.

▶ On the day Lee Min Ho went to the cinema, he was with stylist Jingu, and on the 20th, he was with his friends, including Chingu, on the beach photos.

▶ There is no evidence that Lee Min Ho’s secret account belongs to Lee Min Ho, and Jung Sora claims that he was one of his friends.

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