The K2 Season 2 K-Drama: Release Date, Casts

The K2 Korean Drama is very much worth watching, and now every one is waiting to know the K2 season 2 release date and about it renewal status.

In this drama there is not just romance only but you can also see the lead actor Ji Chang Wook on action as well. This K-drama is related on political issues as well but everything is made so well that you will definitely enjoy this drama very much.

The K2 is mix of action, romance, politics and crime as well. So, this is the reason why people love this drama very much.

The main role of protagonist of this drama is as a bodyguard but he is not any normal bodyguard and he has a lots of power in his hands which can make him much more powerful character on this drama.

This whole drama was produced by Studio Dragon with the help of Jang Hyuk-rin as screenwriter and Kwak jung-hwan as director, in Korea this drama is named as Kaytoo and Deo Keitu.

The K2 Season 2 Release Date

Until today, this drama has not been renewed so, you can expect that this drama may not come. But even if it get renewed the chances of the K2 season release date can take more than 2,3 years to make.

There is no any clues from production company and Netflix side about this Korean drama, yet fans are heavily demanding this drama season 2.

The first season ending was satisfying and good so in fact, there is no any need of season 2 of this drama to continue any storyline as well.

Go Anna and Je-Ha did a happy ending on this drama, so there is no need of season 2 as well. Every bad characters and villains has already died and this couple are now very free to live their life on their own way.

The K2 Casts

In this K2 drama there are main two characters including many supporting roles as well.

Ji Chang-Wook as Kim Je-Ha

Lim Yoon-A as Ko An-Na

Song Yoon-A as Choi Yoo-Jin

Cho Seong-Ha as Jang Se-Joon

If any time production company will plan for season 2, than there is surely chance we will see these all characters with same role in season 2 as well.

The K2 Season 1 Review

If you have not watched this drama first season than the first storyline is start with the girl who is young and she has also witnessed the murder of her mother.

After this incident she was taken to the Spain, where she grew up. After that the scene get changed to modern time where is was already very young and beautiful girl.

You will recognize her when you see her in white grown because she came in Spain with the same white grown and her the drama also reveal her name, she is Go Anna.

She has a nightmare everyday where she saw a man in blood in another city and this is because of her horrible experience she faced as a child.

After sometime, the main actor Je-Ha and Go Anna meet  train for the first time, the man Je-Ha was trying to save this girl from goon but the plan gets failed.

The simple man working as a advertising officer life changes when he got chance to became a bodyguard of a big politicians daughter, and the politicians daughter was Go Anna.

From there Go Anna and Je-Ha started to fall in love, and there is also a lots of obstacles they need to pass to keep their relationship healthy.

Her father was not a real father, he was just being legal father for some of his personal benefits. Same bad story like Go Anna, Je-Ha was also suspected person for killing his girlfriend in past.

There are many things you must see this drama to know about it on detail, I personally love this drama very much.

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