The King: Eternal Monarch Season 2 (Release Date, Delay)

The King Eternal Monarch

The first season of The King: Eternal Monarch came out in Season 1 and it ended on June 12, 2020. The viewers have been waiting for the second season for a long year now. It might release soon but it’s not yet fixed when the season might come. This is because the first season was not really great but more on that later. So, let us get into the article.

When is the official release date for Season 2?

Since the show hasn’t received the attention it deserves, a lot of people have really started a petition to bring it back. A lot of people want to see the story complete as it was left undone in the first season. The plot is great and this is the reason why the viewers want to watch it so bad.

Unfortunately we don’t have a release date for you guys but if you stay tuned to our website, we will definitely have the details in the near future!

What is causing the delay for The King: Eternal Monarch season 2?

The first season of the show got mixed reactions. Some people really enjoyed it while others found it to be utter trash. Because of this confusion, the creators have not really decided what to do now. The criticism was mainly of it’s story, writing, production and there were many other issues with it.

The season 2 still doesn’t have any confirmation on its renewal but it might just be released in the future. Many people still believe that the reason behind the show’s delay is the pandemic. It could be true as South Korea is hit hard by it.

But the entertainment industry in South Korea has begun entertainment projects such as Sports and others so, it might be sooner than later for this show to make its much awaited comeback.

Will the cast reprise their roles?

Well, its not really known. But it is more than likely that all the cast members such as Lee Min-ho as Lee Gon, Jung Hyeon-jun as young Lee Gon, Kim Go-Eun as Jung Tae-eul / Luna, Woo Doo-hwan as Jo Eun-seob / Jo Yeon, Kim Kyung-nam as Kang Shin-ja, Jung Eun-Chae as Goo Seo-Kyung, Lee Jung-jin as Lee Lim to name a few will definitely be returning to reprise their respective roles in the show.

What is the viewership rating of the show?

The show “The King: Eternal Monarch” had around 12% of people in Korea tuned in on its episodes but that hit the lowest on the 11th episode. After this, the series kind of struggled to gain the lost audience and it did not do good.

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